Rengma and Zeliangrong from Assam expresses on Indo-Naga political issues

In a joint press released of Rengma and Zeliangrong living in Assam expresses its concern on the Indo-Naga political issues and its current stance with Pauheu Newme as Convener and Kenilo Rengma Co-Convener with Thuangan Rongmei General Secretary Rengma-Zeliangrong Joint Council, Assam and Galakbe Newme Secretary Rengma-Zeliangrong Joint Council, Assam.

The Council urges the Government of India and Naga talk-team to resume the talk for practical and durable settlement of the long-protracted Naga political issues since the talk preparatory ceasefire agreement made 25 years ago in 1997, to the 3rd August/2015, many rounds of talk have been staged to structure a framework of solution. Thus, the Framework Agreement for final settling of the Indo-Naga political issues was made with consensus acceptance by both the parties in the presence of Narendra Modi ji, the Prime Minister of India.

Accordingly, the progress of the talk on the competency status within the framework was gaining till the time another Agreed Position with the NNPGs took shaped and derailed the former. The political development turned turmoil and the talk halted to this day. Concern that the talk be resumed on the principle of the Framework Agreement base on recognizing the unique history and position of the Nagas as well as India. The Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji in his witnessing remark commented that the “Agreement is a shining example of what we can achieve when we deal with each other in a spirit of equality, and respect, trusted and confidence. We mark not merely the end of a problem, but the beginning of a new future. We will not only try to heal wounds and resolve problems, but also be your partner as you restore your pride and prestige.”

We the Rengma & Zeliangrong people living in Assam convey our deep admiration and gratitude to his Honourable Prime Minister for his insightful wisdom under whose leadership the historic landmark of understanding and agreement between India and Nagas was witnessed and Signed. Keeping in view of the Framework Agreement, we urge both the GOI and Naga talk team to resume and set the progress at momentum for early and inclusive solution that is durable and cordial a principle. Aware and concern that a delay further may create disfavour circumstances on both the sides which may invite a gross violation of human rights only to expose the ugly face of shame and embracement of both parties before the world.

Therefore, appealed that despite of difficulties and differences however great or challenging the deal may be both the parties should take an equal resolution to resume the talk with the competency clause established within the Framework till the final settlement is hammer out.

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