Public Rally at Puiluan Village against the plot of planting terror bomb

A Public Rally against ‘terror activities of Indian Security Forces’ took out today at Puiluan (Kambiron) village. Several organisations came together and strongly condemned the “terrorist act of planting a bomb” in the heart of Puiluan under Nungba Sub-Division, Manipur by a CRPF personnel under the alleged instructions of 39 Assam Rifles on 24th September 2022.

The rally was jointly organised by the Rongmei Naga Council Manipur (RNCM), Rongmei Naga Luh Phwam Manipur (RNLPM), Rongmei Naga Students’ Organisation Manipur (RNSOM), Nungba Area Village Authority Association (NAVAA) and Nungba Area Joint Action Committee (NAJAC) under the aegis of the United Naga Council (UNC), Naga Women Union (NWU), and the All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM).

The protesters alleged the CRPF personnel, in connivance with 39th Assam Riffle, attempted to carry out a bomb attack on the Naga people at Puiluan village. ANSAM general secretary Eno Thotso while delivering speed in a rally said that the CRPF personnel admitted to committing the attempt to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of Puiluan village and surrounding areas under the direction of Assam Rifles.

Naga Women Union president Eli Asha also condemned the cowardice and barbarism of the Indian Security Forces against the innocent civilians of Puiluan village. She praised the locals for showing their strength and commitment to prevent “the state sponsored terrorism by the so-called security forces” within the peaceful village.

RNCM vice-president Athan Rongmei, lauded the villagers for showing their true Naga spirit of saving innocent lives and exhorted the rallyists to remain alert with “the terror schemes and policies” of the Assam Rifles.

Such staged drama is not a new subject and not unexpected, he said, adding Nungba Area, a peaceful zone is targeted by the Assam Rifles frequently to get a “good boy” comment from their officers by planting bombs.

“This is the fourth incident of bombs being planted by Assam Rifles in Nungba Area during the last four years and we cannot remain silent spectators anymore,” he added.

Assam Rifles, who term themselves as “friends of the hill peoples” are actually “Terror experts, bomb planting experts, conspiracy experts and threat experts” in the hills as their activities had proven all times, Rongmei said.

He asserted that how to save and defend oneself from the Indian security forces, particularly the Assam Rifles, should be taught to each child, as safety measures since the proclaimed security forces cannot be trusted anymore for safety.

The rally participants shouted slogans and displayed placards that read ‘CRPF and Assam Rifles are Bomb Planting Experts, Terror Experts’.

The rally called for peace and urged the Government of India for a solution to the protracted Naga peace talks by making it inclusive, honourable and acceptable based on the unique Naga history and its situations.

The protesters demanded immediate booking and exemplary actions against the rank and file involved in the Puiluan bomb-trap incident.

They also demanded for repeal of the draconian Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958 from all the Naga Areas.

Condemning the incident, an hour-long total shutdown was enforced in the Naga districts of Manipur from 11 am to 12 noon.

The All Inpui Students’ Union (AISU) also vehemently condemned the incident. In a statement , AISU stated that it is sickened with the continued militarisation by the Indian Armed Forces in the Naga-inhabited areas and the clandestine use of power to subjugate and suppress the rights and voice of the indigenous people.

AISU is appalled by the “power hungry and ethically blind armed forces that continue to dictate and plant stories to suit their political masters and their inflated self-interest,” it stated.

The union called on the Government of Manipur and the Central Government to respond effectively and punish the culprit and all those involved in the terror act.

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