FIR filed against doctor who refuses to join duty in Tamenglong

TAMENGLONG, Dec. 22: The district administration Tamenglong on Tuesday filed a case against the specialist doctor who refused to joint his duty in Tamenglong at Tamenglong police station.

The specialist doctor who refused to joint duty in Tamenglong was identifying as General Surgeon Dr. Thounaojam Chandrakumar of Keisamthong Hodam Leirak, Lairembi Maning Imphal.

Highly place source told Imphal Free Press that General Surgeon Dr. Thounaojam Chandrakumar was first joint as Medical Officer in the district hospital Tamenglong on 6 August 2016. He went on leave for undergoing PG in same month where he joint as MO in the district hospital. His leave was extended till 6 August 2019 from 7th August 2018.

Dr Th Chandrakumar re-joints his duty on 1st August 2019 after completion of Post graduate. He had even collected his salary till July 2020 in full payment however, he had failed to attend his duty at Tamenglong since 28 February 2020 where had attend at Tousem health camp.

After several of show cause notices from chief medical officer Tamenglong, and even the Deputy Commissioner Tamenglong, Dr Th Chandrakumar refused to come.

Refusing to come at posting place during pandemic covid-19, when doctors were running from pillar to post due to acute shortage of manpower, the district magistrate on Monday complaint to the police station to book under u/s 56 of Disaster Management Act, 2005 and u/s 188 in IPC 1860 against Dr. Thounaojam Chandrakumar.

How far the state government of Manipur can take action against the erring doctor, Tamenglong police on Tuesday initiated FIR case against the erring doctor u/s 56 of Disaster Management Act, 2005 and u/s 188 in IPC 1860.

In his complaint to the Tamenglong police station, the district magistrate said that appropriate action may be taken up against the Dr. Thounaojam Chandrakumar who has willingly disobeyed and abstained himself by not complying to the Show Cause notice issued against him as per the Show Cause notice issued vide No.DC(TML)11/COVID-19/2020 dated 17th December, 2020.

“Any officer, on whom any duty has been imposed by or under this Act and who ceases or refuse to perform or withdraws himself from the duties of his office shall, unless he has obtained the express written permission of his official superior or has other lawful excuse for doing so, be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine”, he added.

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