RN Ravi Governor of Nagaland cum Interolocutor GOI & NSCN (IM)

With all due respects to his excellency, the Governor and respected Interlocutor Mr. RN Ravi…, yet considering the ‘Dual Personality’ of his role as Governor cum Interlocutor, I must say that all these reminds me of nothing but the story of ‘Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’

RN Ravi Governor of Nagaland cum Interlocutor GOI & NSCN (IM)

It is obvious that Naga people are eagerly anticipating and waiting (with fingers crossed) for an early and ‘Hon’ble Solution’ to the protracted Indo-Naga imbroglio, which had cost both sides, blood and tears but perhaps with Nagas on the receiving end. While admitting that Indian sides too have also lost many a brave and good soldiers, Nagas have lost not only brave sons and daughters from the Naga Army but since Nagaland and other Naga Areas were made the Battlefields, thousands of Naga Civilians, irrespective of genders, big or small, young or old has endured all kinds of sufferings, torments, tortures, rapes and death, which are way beyond comprehension. Period.

A glimmer of hope was provided with reflection on the views of Central Leadership (both erstwhile and present leaders) who declared (at last) that ‘Naga Issue’ is Political, wherein it also recognized the unique History of the Nagas and for which, basing on these facts, the Interlocutor (Dr Jekyll) was understood to have expressed the same view in his meet with the NPGs at New Delhi regarding both WC NNPG’s Preamble and NSCN (IM)’s Framework signed between GoI/NPGs, which formally concluded on 31/10/2019, to be resumed and to inking the final settlement after Christmas and New Year break. But unfortunately, with the unprecedented break-out of the COVID-19, everything came to a Lockdown mode, and perhaps, the Nagas were the most unfortunate, because it was during this time that Ravi, now as Governor (Mr. Hyde) with his (God knows) hideous designs, started to unleash all kinds of ludicrous attacks, by calling NPGs as ‘Armed Gangs’ and downgrading the almost a century old ‘Naga Political Issue’ simply to a ‘Law & Order Problem’

Now, some few failed and desperate wannabe Politicians, some routed Political Parties (who failed to even retain a single seat) and some few writers all came gun blazing barking blindly in defense of the Governor. These amusing characters were claiming with their usual rhetoric, that he was just fulfilling his ‘Constitutional Obligation’ and ‘Gubernatorial Responsibilities’ and who never did mention any NPGs in particular….and blah…blah…blah.

….so, here’s my question

  1. If the Governor was not referring to the NPGs, then to whom was he referring to, because if we are able to know some of the names of Dons, Mafiosi s and Armed Gangs in other countries and also in India, why not come out specifically, with the facts as to who are the Gangsters and Mafiosis running a Parallel Govt.?
  2. If at all, the Governor was refering to NPGs as ‘Armed Gangs’, then why he himself (as the Interlocutor) is engaged in talks and maintaining Ceasefire with these Gangsters and why not with other Gangs of Big Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkotta or UP State (a hotbed of Gangs/Mafiosis)?

Nonetheless, the reflections shown through these calculated moves can be noted in the continued spate of unwarranted Raids (even on Fathers’ day on 21st June) and arrests of National workers and immediately booking them under NSA is nothing short of a well laid plan.

Also the recent and unfortunate ‘Murder and Mutilation’ of six cornered and sleeping NSCN IM cadres by the Assam Rifles at Nginu Village in Arunachal Pradesh on July 11, 2020 speaks volumes of these divisive intents taking effects.

Secondly, the Governor has again directed the Bureaucrats to order all State Employees to Self-Declare and to mention the names of family members, cousins and even relatives who are in the UGs, which appears too ‘Sinister, Malicious, Diabolic, Insidious and Pernicious’.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there are no such rules even in ‘Indian Service Rule Books’ that except for the employee himself/herself, (both Central or State Cadres) none are ever subjected to furnishing the details of all family members and relatives, and never in my 44 years of existence have I ever come across such Ludicrous and Ridiculous orders. I feel this a blatant breach and direct infringement on personal privacy.

HISTORY: History has taught us and Lesson has been learnt, that around two thousand years ago, Judas submitted the ‘Same format’ to the Roman Authorities. The rest (so they say) is history.

…also, Adolf Hitler did the same, against Jews. He collected all details of Jews, and when his time to grasp absolute power came, used the details to pinpoint all the whereabouts of the Jews and one by one decimated and annihilated them in Millions.

APPRECIATION TO TPO (Tenyimi Peoples’ Organisation):  HATS OFF and KUDOS to TPO for coming in defense of the Naga people, through the Statement that appeared on esteemed dailies, on 17/07/2020.

This is what the people needs of the NGOs/CSOs……to speak for the people or protest when our personal rights are being infringed or trampled upon.

I wonder where are all the other NGOs/CSOs?

still sleeping? or still busy with ‘Infighting’ and ‘Lobbying’ for Leaderships? or still oblivious to what is at stake?

…but mind you, we have already suffered enough, and just recently been hit by a ‘foul low blow, below the belt’ and the Adversaries are already at our doorsteps with our Kid’s future at peril.

IRONY: Some people or even groups maybe like, “what do we care, this is just a Bitor Manu thing”, while others maybe like “Hoijabo, Bitor manu kan nimite kobo le mon nai” but mark my words folks, this is not just a ‘bitor manu’ thing, this is our ‘Posterity’ being put on the ‘target and on the firing line’. This will not only effect ‘Bitor Manu’ but everyone (directly or indirectly) including family members, cousins, relatives and most of all, in the long run will seriously jeopardise our Children’s future.

So, what ‘Legacy’ are we to leave for our Progeny?

‘Milk and Honey’ or a ‘Cursed  bleak Future’?…that is ours to decide.

Nota Bene: The above statements are all written in my individual capacity, and does not reflect the views of any organisation that I may represent, whatsoever in any manner.

AV Chophi
Chilisa, Mishikito Village

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