NTC expresses on Lamhainamdi and Kiyevi violent

The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has expressed concern over the recurrence of violent incidents in the adjoining border area belt of Chumoukedima-Peren districts due to incongruity of land ownership between Lamhainamdi and Kiyevi on November 7 last.

The NTC appealed to both villages to maintain peace and desist from any act of violence that may aggravate situation in the days to come.

The NTC said there are ways and means to amicably resolve any difference of opinion through mutual trust and understanding more so in this context upholding the spirit of Naga brotherhood. Destruction of property and harm inflicted to any individual is not an answer but a solution is realizable only by the principle of Christian outlook, it added.

“It is also awfully startling to note that the Government of Nagaland had maneuvered shifting responsibilities, particularly to the CNTC and TPO which platforms neither have legal nor statutory authority to execute the law, instead of firmly gearing up machinery to immediately address the conflict in the area”, the NTC stated in a press release.

The Council further said the Government’s claim of enforcing status quo earlier in that area has also neither drawn any end product but only set an indefinite ticking off of a time bomb on the affair.

“The ineptitude of the Government of the day therefore is exasperating unless the issue is settled on top priority at the earliest for a peaceful coexistence between the neighbouring Naga villages”, it said.

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