Satellite tagged Amur Falcon is arriving at Tamenglong from China

Imphal, Oct 25: According to Wildlife Institute of India, Scientist Dr Sureshkumar, the satellite radio transmitter tagged bird Amur Falcon will be arriving at Tamenglong late in the evening today.

The arriving of bird is able to detect after it was fitted with a satellite radio transmitter last November to study its migratory route and flight patterns and name Irang. This bird left China and already crossed Thailand and Laos to reached Mandalay.

The scientist predicted that if it continues its path, the bird may reach Tamenglong district tomorrow evening. It may be noted that the Forest Department and Wildlife Institute of India had fitted small satellite radio transmitters on five Amur Falcons during the first week of November last year at Tamenglong. While three of the birds, Chiulon, Puching and Phalong were named after villages in Tamenglong district, the other two were named Irang and Barak taking the names of the famous rivers, Irang River and Barak River.

It said that Irang and Chiulon’s transmitters are still sending strong signals enabling the scientists to study their migratory routes. However, three birds namely Puching, Barak and Phalong have stopped sending signals.

Irang and Chiulon, dubbed as Manipur’s Amur ambassadors, left their breeding ground in China in mid September for South Africa to spend the winter. Both the birds had crossed Thailand and Laos to reach Myanmar. Chiulon is expected to arrive in a day or two, said Dr Sureshkumar. To reach Manipur Irang covered at least 29,000 kilometres while Chiulon will cover about 33,000 kilometres, he added.

At the same time, Tamenglong Divisional Forest Officer Kh Hitler has appealed people to protect the visiting Amur Falcons and all wildlife. Staff of the Forest Department and villagers of Puching village have also started patrolling the areas near Irang River to discourage and check hunting of birds and wildlife, he said.

Earlier, a satellite radio transmitter fitted Amur Falcon named ‘Manipur’ was killed in Novermber 2018 at Khebuching area, bordering Tamenglong and Noney district after which a ban on use of airgun was imposed in the two districts. Intense awareness programmes were carried out at villages in Tamenglong district to save and protect the migratory Amur Falcons.

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