NIDA: Wear black arm-bands as a protest against government’s inaction

Kohima, 22 Jan (ANK): To register its resentment towards the state government for non-implementation of the centre’s package to enhance superannuation age of Medical Doctors in the country, the Nagaland In-Service Doctor’s Association, NIDA will wear black arm-bands from 25th of January.

Addressing a press conference at Kohima today, NIDA President Dr. E. Phyantsuthung said the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Superannuation age of Medical doctors to 65 years in 2016 on account of the acute shortage of medical doctors in the country and also to retain the experienced medical doctors for a longer period, 27 states in the country has implemented the commitment except Nagaland. He said the association had submitted memorandums to the government on several occasion, however, with no positive response.

Pointing out that the challenges remain the same among the Northeastern state in terms of financial dependency, he said, despite difficulties all the other Northeastern states have implemented. He questioned the attitude of the state government as to why the doctors in Nagaland have been denied of the enhancement.

Dr. Phyantsuthung said the resentment will be a symbolic protest and in no way it will disturb the normal healthcare delivery systems in the state particularly in view of the COVID-19 vaccination drive. The NIDA President said further course of action will depend on the response of the state government.

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