Another Pregnant woman carrying on Bamboo stretches

Carrying pregnant women on a bamboo stretcher from Nheng (Langpram) Village to – Tamei PHC covering a distance of 33 km due to poor road connectivity. This happened on 26th August 2020 which is the 2nd such incident in this month from Tamei Sub-division. The first case was on August 10, the woman was carried on a makeshift bamboo stretcher by family members with the help of around 40 village youths over 50 km from Dunong villlage to Tamei PHC.

Liangmai Post in WhatsApps group said that for many years the people from this areas have appealed to the state government to oversee this issue, however, their complaints were never heard. By the grace of God the woman successfully gave birth and both the baby and the mother are safe and healthy.

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