Nagas are going through a very crucial stage of the political aspiration for self-determination

Kohima, May 1: Naga Hoho general secretary K Elu Ndang, while maintaining that Nagas are going through a very crucial stage of the political aspiration for self-determination, has called upon all to have patience and strengthen the leaders to negotiate what is best for the Naga people.

The foundation for Naga aspiration of self-determination was laid by the Naga forefathers and the present generation have inherited it while the division in every aspects of the Naga society has made the negotiation complicated, said Ndang while speaking during the inaugural session of 2-day Snail and Trout festival at Poilwa village in Peren district on April 29.

“We have faced many challenges and are faced with divisions among us but the hope for realizing the common aspiration is never lost as Nagas are not a lost people”, he said. “If the present situation is not what we want, then let us work together to see that the Naga political solution which is acceptable and honourable to everyone is arrived at the earliest, but if we fail to work together today and continue to say that the present Naga society is bad, we can see that the future generation will inherit more difficult situation” he said.

The Naga Hoho general secretary feared that the present generation will be leaving behind a legacy of problems for their children.

“Naga people cannot afford to go on like this, we need a good future and good life and to realize that we all must contribute our part” he said.

The Government of India has very clearly stated that the solution to the Naga problem is not confined to the State of Nagaland but it will be an inclusive solution where everyone will be taken on board, he said.

“It is now for the Naga people to work together in cohesion to bring about better understanding among ourselves and see that our future is bright and progress together”, said Ndang.

“We cannot sit back and continue pointing fingers at our leaders or give opinions only through social media, which has become one of the destructive tools”, he said.

Ndang said that “the negotiators, whichever group be it, are giving their best and they need the Naga peoples support, trust and confidence we cannot give them anything, except support and strengthen them”.

“We can realize our goal only if we honestly and sincerely participate and contribute our roles”, he said, adding that there is going to be one solution as the problem is one for which every Naga has to work together.

Further, Ndang called upon the Naga people not to lose hope despite the many challenges but to have confidence on Naga negotiating leaders that they will deliver what is best and which will also be acceptable and honourable for all.

The general Nagas should give time to the negotiating parties so that proper understanding is reached between Nagas and Indian leaders and any arrangement/ settlement achieved will be a long lasting one, said Ndang.

Source: nagalandpage

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