Naga People’s Organization (NPO) elected new members

Senapati, Nov.30: With coming to an end of the previous term 2018-2020, a new team of the Senapati District Apex civil organisations got elected today at Naga People’s Organisation (NPO) conference hall, Senapati district of Manipur.

Kamba Moses as Chief Election Commission with Silas Zho and Hekhini Bata as members, elected Solomon Arow as the new President of Naga People’s Organisation for the tenure 2021-2023.  Jonah Mao K. was elected as General Secretary of Naga People’s Organisation.

The election commission of the Naga People’s Organization also declared R.K. Philip as Finance Secretary, Ng. Sounii Khapa as Information & Public Secretary and A. Kaiho as Art & Culture Secretary respectively for the tenure 2021-2023.

Further, the election commission of the Naga People’s Organization (NPO) had asked the Tribe Presidents to fill up the following vacant posts of the Vice President, Asst. Gen. Secy., Customary Law secy. and Treasurer.

While the other posts of the new team got elected uncontested, election for the post of Gen. Secy. only was held on the day by the federating tribes of the Mao Council, Maram Union, Poumai Naga Union, Thangal Union and Zeliangrong Union under Naga People’s Organization (NPO).

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