Declaration of US Election Result 2020

The votes have been counted in the US election, states will begin certifying their counts in a formal legal process that is governed by the calendar. Although President Donald Trump seeks recounts and delays in certification of results in some places, time is not on his side as published in some news channel.

According to Associate press live stream 2020 US Elections results, Joe Biden had won the critical state of Pennsylvania, accumulating enough votes to claim the White House, while Trump sought for recount in some state as president-elect has forged ahead with his plans to take reins of the power.

US President Donald Trump’s spokeswoman has vowed the legal battle to contest Joe Biden’s White House election victory is only just beginning. “This election is not over,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told a news conference. “Far from it.”

Nationwide, states can begin certifying results on November 10 and depending on state law most will have completed the process by the end of the month. According to some news source, Georgia and Wisconsin are likely to go to recounts as the contest over the outcome of the election comes down to only a few states.

President Vladimir Putin has remained silent on the issue since Democrat Joe Biden clinched the presidency on Saturday, four days after the Nov. 3 election, clearing the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House. It would prefer to wait for the official results of the US presidential election before commenting on its results according to IndianEx.

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