Centre : Support North East States containing COVID-19

Centre said it will continue to support all initiatives of North Eastern States in containing COVID-19. Asserting centre’s support to the north east region, Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla said North Eastern States have performed well in containing the situation but still appealed people to be careful.

Bhalla said that after consultation, it was learnt that parents don’t want to send children to schools unless there is a vaccine. He said, government would try to open schools and colleges when the situation further improves.

However, there are certain relaxations given to school activities in Unlock 4. The Home Secretary mentioned that improvements in economic activities are visible in the country and the whole country needs to co-operate to ensure it. He said that all States confirmed that national highways are open for movement of goods. Bhalla urged people not to panic but follow the health guidelines including wearing masks and social distancing.

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