A district-level public hearing on social audit

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A district-level public hearing on social audit under NSAP Scheme was held on 7th October 2022 at Village Council Hall, Mhainamtsi Village, Peren. The hearing was held under the chairmanship of DPO/DWO Peren, I. Tsungrosongla Ao.

State Resource Person NSSAG, SAU, Vepo Keyho, in her introductory speech, shared the issues and positive findings and encouraged the AWWs to keep up the same spirit in serving society.

During the discussion hour, the public headed by the Village Chairmen, Secretaries, Village Council members, and respective AWWs of the villages shared various issues of their villages.

The following resolutions were also passed during the public hearing:

  1. To take corrective measures regarding the Social Audit findings for the future.
  2. In regard to the eligible beneficiaries of 80+ years pension and new applicants list, it was discussed that due to the non-enhancement of pensions by the government, it was difficult to add the applicants. However, it discussed adding the applicants with deceased pensioners or including them when enhancement is made by the government on a priority basis.
  3. Beneficiaries ineligible for IGNOAPS but eligible for IGNWPS in Ngwalwa, Mhainamtsi, Kejanglwa were rectified during the public hearing stating that changes will be made in the next Financial Year i.e., 2023-2024.
  4. In regard to the migration of pensioners found in Ngwalwa and Old Jalukie, it was rectified by the DWO Office that changes will be made in the next FY i.e., 2023-2024.

The names of 10 villages covered by the Social Audit Team under Peren District includes- Gaili, Ngwalwa, Nkwareu, Old Jalukie, Jalukie ‘B’, Kejanglwa, Saijang, Jalukieram, Jalukiekam, and Mhaikam.

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