2008 Silver Jubilee declaration successful: ZBC Tamenglong

TAMENGLONG, Jan. 23: Zeliangrong Baptist Church Tamenglong Pastor Rev Thuanjinang Pamei on Saturday declared that the declaration of Zeliangrong Baptist Church Tamenglong Silver Jubilee in 2008 has successful.

The Zeliangrong Baptist Church Tamenglong has declared to open/establish 10 fellowships within 2020 as part of Silver Jubilee celebration declaration in 2008.

With the graced of God Zeliangrong Baptist Church Tamenglong has now established 11 fellowships at different places in the state, he added.

Pastor Thuanjinang Pamei was speaking during the 38 Foundation of Zeliangrong Baptist Church Tamenglong on Saturday afternoon at church complex.

Emeritus Pastor Rev Dr Lamdin Pamei spokes as speaker of the 38 church foundation day celebration while Rev Chingkhiuluanang Gonmei led the celebration.

The 11 fellowships established were including Jardon Baptist Fellowship Silchar with care taker by Houtoulung Gangmei, Salem Baptist Church Ishok in Nambol with Deben Huidrom as caretaker, Salungpham Baptist fellowship with Doren Keisham, Ukhongshang Maning Leikai Baptist fellowship with Rojit Maibam, Ukhongshang Mayai Leikai Baptist fellowship with Basanta, Lourembam Baptist fellowship with Ben Hur, Khangabok Baptist fellowship Thoubal with Santa Kumar Thokchom, Kha Potshangbam Baptist fellowship with Manichandra, Maklang Maharani Loukol Baptist fellowship with Ibohal Yumnam, Nepal Christian Church Jhapa with Bijay Ghatani and Jonai – Jelem Baptist fellowship with Ansari as caretaker.

The foundation day celebration ended with holy communion and heavy dinner for all participants.

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