Exemplary Naga youth – model for today’s North East youth

Can we surrender unappropriate opportunity or should get it by self justification?

Exemplary naga youth – model for today’s NE youth .

  • Today, when I spoke to Ekonthung Kikon, famous naga thelawala, whose example has became viral in social media, politely refused to acepht the Helping Hands educational scholarship with the following words of wisdom –

” Robin sir, Thank you for the scholarship, but God has blessed me with good health, having tough thela… I will carry on my life with my thela for earning my livelihood.
Sir, please give this scholarship to more deserving poor youth, who have nothing on life. “

  • I was stunned to hear his reply with choking mixed feeling , felt so proud of this tough naga lad, who really understands the dignity of labour and hardwork, his concern for helpless NE youth.
  • Helping Hands will honour him as an exemplary NE youth Icon.
    Even Helping Hands offered him another Thela for more expansion of thela works .
  • To me he is hero, role model of NE youth, who are mostly averse to do these jobs of thela, mason, barber, fitter, auto drivers, rickshaw, carpenter… only hankering for petty lowly paid babus jobs .

Salute to this naga’s hero !

Robin Hibu IPS

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