June 2021 North-East COVID-19 Updates

North-East India COVID-19 Updates : 28 June 2021

The North-East region reported 4,702 fresh case while 5,770 patients were cured/ discharged and 69 deaths. The confirmed case in the region reached 7,86,112 as of 28th June 2021.

North-East India COVID-19 Updates : 27 June 2021

The confirmed case from 8 states of North-East India reached 7,81,410 as of 27th June 2021. Of which 51,495 active cases, 7,21,103 cured/ discharged, 711 migrated to other states and 8,101 deaths.

North-East India COVID-19 Updates : 25 June 2021

The declined rate of COVID-19 in the North-East region continues which drop active case to 54,597 on Friday after 15,446 patients were cured/ discharged. Meanwhile, total of 9,854 fresh case were reported across 8...

North-East India COVID-19 Updates : 22 June 2021

Total of 25,533 fresh case reported from eight states of North-East India in a span of 5 days with 32,302 cured/ discharged and claimed 298 deaths. Currently, 61,368 active case in the region.

North-East India COVID-19 Updates : 17 June 2021

The region on Thursday reported 5,680 fresh case and 72 deaths from COVID-19 while 7,598 patients were cured/ discharged. Presently the eight states active case stands at 68,444.

North-East India COVID-19 Updates : 15th June 2021

The North-East region on Wednesday reported 6,144 fresh case while 42 patients were drop from active cases as the recovery cases outnumber the fresh case. The death toll in the region reached 7,379 with...