Two Bolero Camper for Tamei and Tousem PHC

Hon’ble Minister Shri. N. Awangbow has donated 2 (two) bolero campers for Tamei & Tousem sub-division, to use during covid-19 pandemic. This is officially inaugurate from DC bungalow Tamenglong in the presence of ADC Chairman, ADC members members and district administration.

Haisira chamaina gu karingting ranrabo changam kadibowe. Health department niu ten wang tang kalakbo kengjiu bam mibowe. Aliuram ga chamai saithiuniu pariak nkhin wang misunetiuja malumme – Mani Charenamai, Ex MP

Two Bolero Camper (Ambulance) donated by Shri Awangbow Newmai Hon’ble Minister Forest, Environment & Climate Change and Sericulture for Tamei and Tousem PHC respectively. The givers are progressing in life in many ways. The real hero doesn’t need to speak thousands word but shown by action. May God continue to bless him richly.

– Anthony

52/ Tamei A/C. ga haikumbo Cha-ngam kadibo kamkhai kabambo MLA/Minister tu palun sijiu paduan puan kathuan nkha bamra pageng bambi bi ye katiubo mathiu makum khaijiu lungbam khe, pagu Constituency tu manang tinggiu bambo Minister tu Tingwang niu majang tingthuibo thiumilo.

TrueNat machine officially inaugurated

Today TrueNat machine officially inaugurated by Hon’ble minister Shri. N. Awangbow at Tamenglong district head quarter. Testing will be done to all related patients of covid 19 case. Thanks to district administration, medical teams, district Council and NGOS, volunteers

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