Rongmei Naga Youth Organisation Manipur elected executives

Namgaekdai Nicholas Gonmei and Pamei Abison Ripuilan have been elected as the president and the general secretary respectively during the election of Rongmei Naga Youth Organisation Manipur, organized by RNYO (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) at Maha Kabui Namching Village, Kangpokpi District on October 7, said a release.

The installation ceremony of the elected executives shall be done by the RNYO (AMN), with the other Rongmei CSOs at the earliest, it said.

The RNYO (AMN) has expressed their sincere gratitude to the Khulakpa Gailanchung Kamei and his council members, the Women Society, the Youth Club of the Maha Kabui Namching Village.

The RNYO (AMN) also expressed their sincere thanks to the RNYOM members, Rongmei Lu Phuam, the RNSO (AMN), who came for the election and for maintaining the SOPs of the pandemic.

The RNYO (AMN) has also thanked the police personnel who came to ascertain that SOPs are being followed by the RNYOM, during the election.

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