DESAM urged Government to formulate a penal law against malpractices in examinations

Imphal, Feb 12: Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) urged the Government to discuss in the Assembly regarding the formulation of a penal law against those responsible for malpractices in examinations conducted in the State.

Speaking to media persons during a press meet held at its head office at Kwakeithel yesterday, general secretary of DESAM Leishangthem Lamyanba said that it is high time to properly define the various malpractices during an examination such as tampering of marks, impersonating, question paper leak etc in order to provide appropriate penalty to those involved.

He continued that DESAM has been demanding a long term policy instead of symptomatic treatment against the perpetrators. However no action has been taken up till date.

Regarding the matter DESAM held a meeting with the Education Minister and Directors of the Departments concerned and had submitted the necessary documents and they also assured that proper provisions will be formulated soon.

The general secretary expressed concern that the ones involved in such wrongdoings are roaming freely since there is no provision in place till now.

If it is inconvenient to formulate a new law, the student body requested to amend the Manipur Higher Secondary Education Act 1992 thereby adding a new provision.

Lastly he urged the Government to formulate and pass the law before the commencement of the Class 10 and 12 exams.

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