No Restriction of Shop timing in Dimapur

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Nagaland Page: The official order of Deputy Commissioner Dimapur allowing all shops selling essential and non-essential commodities in Dimapur to open from Monday to Saturday “as per normal business hours”, was welcomed by all in Dimapur, but at the same time, created confusions amongst the business community.

The traders were confused about the timings of opening and closing of shops, although most of the business establishments were open by 8 a.m. today, while some opened at 10 a.m. as per the previous order.

As they settled down for business and continued their business as usual beyond 5 p.m., some businessmen were in for a surprise as they were asked to close down shops by uniformed personnel in some areas.

While no specific orders were issued either by the District Administration or the Police Commissionerate over closing of businesses by 5 p.m., many shopkeepers expressed resentment over the sudden move to close down their shops Thursday evening.

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