Liangmai Council Nagaland acknowledges for upgradation of GHS Tening

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The Liangmai Council Nagaland (LCN) President Khenglulo has expressed his appreciation and acknowledgement to the Government of Nagaland, particularly the School Education Department, for the upgradation of Government High School (GHS) Tening to Government Higher Secondary school (GHSS). President Khenglubo stated that this has been a long felt aspiration of the Community of Liangmai specially Tening area because they have been facing hardship to provide higher education to their children venturing outside. LCN President said that, the upgradation of GHSS will provide equal opportunity to the learners from all section of economic variation.

At the same time the Liangmai Council Nagaland also congratulated all the successful students from Tening GHS for bringing Laurels the School as well as the area. He also thanked the teaching staff of GHS Tening for their hard work and dedication. He further stated that this will one day the School where most students within the area and neighbouring states will seek opportunities and avail better education knowledge.

LCN also acknowledged Advisor, Water Resources, NamriNchang for his interest in bringing more development in Tening area for the general public.

Source DIPR

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