NBSE exam routine 2021 for Class X1 promotion, HSLC and HSSLC

Nagaland Board of School Education, NBSE examination routine for HSLC and HSSLC 2021

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Kohima, 25 Jan:
In the interest of the schools and the students’ community, the Nagaland Board of School Education has notified for information of the following:

  1. The HSLC & HSSLC Examination 2021 will be conducted in April 2021 i.e. HSLC Examination from 7th April to 21st April 2021 and HSSLC Examination from 6th April to 29th April 2021.
  2. The tentative date of HSLC & HSSLC Examinations 2021 results declaration may be June 2021.
  3. Class XI Promotion Examination will be conducted by respective schools from 11th March to 31st March 2021. Detailed instructions will be given later.

All the Board Examinations shall be conducted with pen and paper through offline mode. The examination routines are made available in the Board’s Website: www.nbsenl.edu.in

  1. With the provision of reopening of schools, institutions having Science stream may conduct some hands on experience practical class in smaller groups for class XI and XII students.
  2. The conduct of the practicals should be based on the practical syllabus.
  3. Teachers shall conduct practical classes of all subjects and make assessment based on the practicals conducted in the class. The marks of this assessment shall be taken as practical marks along with practical record book assessment issued earlier vide letter No.NBE-1/Ad-CS/2020/1121 dated 1.9.2020.
  4. Internal assessments/Project works for all the subjects shall be conducted by the schools through online/offline mode before the conduct of HSLC, Class XI Promotion and HSSLC Examinations 2021.
  5. After conducting the internal/practical/project work, the school shall record and keep the marks ready to be submitted to the Board on the dates as and when notified.
  6. Subject teachers shall inform the students about the Question Bank of different subjects which was uploaded in the Office website on 27th July 2020.
  7. Subject teachers shall inform the students about the reduced syllabus for 2021 examinations which was uploaded in the office website on 1st September 2020.
  8. Blueprint of all subjects uploaded in the Office website vide letter No.NBE-8/Ad-Misc(10)/2020-21/1543 dated 2nd December 2020 should be downloaded and circulated to all subject teachers.
  9. Subject teachers shall study the blueprint and acquaint themselves with the blueprint of the question paper of their respective subject. Subject teachers must prepare and guide the students with the type/design of questions given in the blueprint.
  10. As notified vide Notification 41 dated 2.12.2020, Model Test shall be conducted by all the schools within 5th February 2021. Model test results will be submitted to the Board from 6th February to 12th February 2021.

It is reiterated that schools shall adopt necessary measures to track the learning outcomes of the students and give remedial/coaching classes online/offline in order to prepare the students for the ensuing examinations.

Further, all heads of institutions shall ensure that COVID-19 SOPs being notified by the competent authority from time to time are strictly followed while carrying out the academic and examination activities in the school.

The examination routine of the following examinations conducted by the NBSE are hereby notified for information of all concerned.

  1. Class XI Promotion Examination 2021

Date                            Day                 Subject (Time 10 am to 1 pm)

11th March 2021         Thursday         English

13th March 2021         Saturday          Education/Psychology

15th March 2021         Monday           History/Accountancy/Physics

17th March 2021         Wednesday     Alternative English/Hindi/Bengali/Tenyidie/

Sumi (Sütsah)/Ao/Lotha

19th March 2021         Friday              Geography/Entrepreneurship/Music

20th March 2021         Saturday          Political Science/Fundamentals of Business


22nd March 2021        Monday           Economics

24th March 2021         Wednesday     Sociology/Financial Market Management/Biology

26th March 2021         Friday              Philosophy/Business Studies/Mathematics

27th March 2021         Saturday          Environmental Education

30th March 2021         Tuesday           Computer Science/Informatics Practices

31st March 2021         Wednesday     Vocational Subjects: (10 am – 12 noon)

Information Technology Enabled Services/Tourism & Hospitality/ Retail/Healthcare/Beauty & Wellness/ Electronics & Hardware

  1. HSLC Examination 2021

Date                            Day                 Subject (Time 9 am to 12 noon)

7th April 2021             Wednesday     English

9th April 2021             Friday              Social Sciences

13th April 2021           Tuesday           Mathematics

15th April 2021           Thursday         Second Language:

Tenyidie/Ao/Sumi (Sütsah)/Lotha/Hindi/Bengali/

Alternative English

19th April 2021           Monday           Science

21stApril 2021            Wednesday     Sixth Subjects:

Foundation of Information Technology/Music /Home Science/Book Keeping & Accountancy/Environmental Education

Vocational Subjects: (9 am – 11 am)

Information Technology Enabled Services/Tourism & Hospitality/ Retail/Healthcare/Beauty & Wellness/Electronics & Hardware/Multi Skill Foundation Course

  1. HSSLC Examination 2021

Date                            Day                 Subject (Time 9 am to 12 noon)

6th April 2021             Tuesday           English

8th April 2021             Thursday         Education/Psychology

12th April 2021           Monday           History/Accountancy/Physics

14th April 2021           Wednesday     Alternative English/Hindi/Bengali/Tenyidie/

Sumi (Sütsah)/Ao/Lotha

16th April 2021           Friday              Philosophy/Financial Market Management

20th April 2021           Tuesday           Political Science/Fundamentals of Business


22nd April 2021          Thursday         Geography/Entrepreneurship/Music

24th April 2021           Saturday          Sociology/Business Studies/Mathematics

26th April 2021           Monday           Computer Science/Informatics Practices

28th April 2021           Wednesday     Economics/Biology

29th April 2021           Thursday         Vocational Subjects: (9 am – 11am)

Information Technology Enabled Services/Tourism & Hospitality/ Retail/Healthcare

* The routines are also available on the website : www.nbsenl.edu.in

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