DOSE informs on district/state teachers awards 2021

Principal Director, School Education, Shanavas C, IAS has notified that teachers serving in Government and Private Schools following the State Curriculum who have contributed for the improvement of quality of education through their commitment and industry and also enriched the lives of their students may be nominated for consideration for the award of District/State Teachers Awards 2021 by Administrative Officers of respective areas/ Head of Institutions/NGOs involved in the field of education at Village/Sub-Division/District levels.

Nomination forms and eligibility conditions for consideration for the awards are available at department’s website .

Further, teachers (serving in Government and Private Schools following the State Curriculum) with permanent disability/suffering from terminal ailment/prolonged treatment for his/her own aliment/suffering from natural calamity of devastating nature for which grant/relief was not received from any other sources may apply for the grant of Financial Assistance in the prescribed format available at the department’s website.

The last date for submission of the duly filled Nomination Forms/Applications for Financial Assistance at the respective DEO/SDEO establishments is 16/07/2021.

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