Director of Health expressed concerned in people’s attitude towards COVID-19 in Nagland

ANK, 28th Oct, 2020: Principal Director of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Vizolie Z. Suokhrie has expressed concerned over the complacency in people’s attitude towards COVID-19 following the unlock-4 in the state. Addressing media persons in Kohima today, Dr. Suokhrie said complacency has started to set in among the people where many have stop wearing of mask and did not bothered to follow social distancing. He said that the spike of positive cases has increased during the month of October and September end, with positive rate increasing from 10 percent to 15 percent.

Also citing the increase of mortality and morbidity rate in the state, Dr. Suokhrie observed that people are reporting to the health units very late only when their health condition worsen or with serious complaints. He therefore said early testing and early diagnosis is the best way to avoid any complications. He said early treatment can arrest complications.

Dr. Suokhrie also observed that people are reluctant to come forward in testing during contact tracing. Expressing his worrisome over the onset of winter flu season and festivity, he said flu infection along with COVID infection can lead to even more complications.

Cautioning that large gatherings during festivity can lead to serious impact, Dr. Suokhrie however said if SOPs are followed, one can avoid the spread of infection.Mission Director NHM, Dr. Kevichusa Medikru said our people have become complacent as the same time our health workers have become fatigue. He therefore said unless the people are careful, our state will go into crisis.

Deputy Director, Dr Kikameren Longkumer stated that implentation of hand washing, wearing of mask and social distancing is a collective social responsibility and it will work effective only when every citizen observed these three steps. He said following the three steps can prevent transmission as well as boost the economy.

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