Chaga Gadi & Lamsimgnyi at Tening Town

Chaga Gadi & Lamsimngyi Cum Mini Hornbill Festival was celebrated at Tening Town, Peren on 31st October 2022 with Advisor Water Resources, Namri Nchang as the Chief Host. The event was celebrated under the theme: “Rekindling our culture” and was organized by the Liangmai Council Nagaland.

The Chaga Gadi in the Liangmai dialect means the Blessed Festival. It is a time of the year when the men folk observe strict abstinence from physical indulgence to sanctify themselves for good fortune in the coming year. The festival commences on the twenty-seventh day as the moon of the lunar month called Chagahiu (October) waxes and wanes till the new moon. The sanctification ritual will entail men folk consuming food cooked separately by themselves with new fire made in a traditional way and no involvement of womenfolk in their affairs.

Lamsimngyi is one of the most popular Zeliang festivals which is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety usually during the last part of October or early November. It is also a festival of rekindling the loving relationships between parents and married daughters/sons families, between families of sisters and brothers; and between the family of married niece and the chosen maternal uncles family; and competition of games and sports for boys and youths.

Advisor Water Resources, Namri Nchang, in his address, spoke on the preservation of one’s unique identity and rich cultural heritage. Namri also said the people have left behind many good traditional and cultural practices which can disturb the fabric of the community. He emphasized that people should start re-orienting their practices as it would result in the unity of people through festivals like Chaga Gadi & Lamsimngyi festival to help rebuild the lost practices.

Parts of Chaga Gadi at Samjiuram

Earlier, President NZPO, Kevipelie gave a brief highlight on the significance of Chaga Gadi & Lamsimngyi, while ADC Jalukie, T.L. Kiusumong delivered the keynote address. Cultural dances and traditional songs were performed by the Old Tesen Cultural troupe, Tening Village Cultural Troupe, Nzau Village Cultural Troupe, Nsong Village Cultural Troupe, Old Nkio Village Cultural Troupe, and Nchangram Village Cultural Troupe, while a special presentation was also presented by Makuilongdi Lun Choir.

Later, in the evening athletic events were also held, followed by a cultural session and Chaga-Vaganza nite.

On the second day of the festival held on 1st November 2022, the occasion was graced by Retd. Comm. & Secy. Nagaland Legislative Assembly, Benjamin Newmai.

Highlights of the program include playing indigenous games like shotput, long jump, and marathon races where youths from Tening Town and neighboring villages actively took part in the competition.

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