“A Chance to Shine” Teachers’ Day!!

-Kaningai Riamei, Chairman CHI

Every year, around this time, good wishes TRICKLE in from all quarters to these professionals who shape other professions.

At least on this day, we often hear wishes and quotes equating our dear teachers as ‘heroes, guides, influencers, role-models, inspiration, nations’ backbone and much more and that their impacts in the lives of the students are encouraging, life-changing, awakening, everlasting and the list goes on. But there wouldn’t be much to debate, if one pointed out that Private Schools Teachers are the most undervalued and hence underpaid section of professionals in our society today.

But compelled to be the source of inspiration for many, they drew their own inspiration and encouragement from these few good wishes that trickled in at this time every year.

But the pandemic has exacerbated the already miserable plight of this “back bone of the society”.

Yes the Pandemic has crippled all sectors of the economy and impacted  almost everyone but as seen in our local context, the Private Teachers are the worst affected. Their fortunate cousins “The Government Teachers/employees” who also are the driver of our local economy get guaranteed monthly salaries and while the next most prominent economic sector ‘the agriculture’ gets

unprecedented boast with jump in man-power (due to lockdown) and generous  monsoon. Other businesses such as shops, transportations, labourers etc who were once effected badly but on their return to business, enjoy unrestricted hike in fare/prices/wages. Even liabilities or debts such as loans get moratorium.

But Private schools in Manipur are hand-twisted with wicked and crafty  Government’s policies where Private schools are being choked and starved to create illusion of the ailing Government schools look less miserable, thereby preventing collection of fees and in turn dampening the spirit of the private schools teachers who are now being denied even their meagre income.

It is in such difficult times that the so called “Back-bone of The Society’ is in need of special crutches –‘the support of the society’.

Instead the Back-bone is hammered by the constant chants of rejection and isolation.

Despite being isolated and orphaned, the teachers throughout this pandemic has endeavoured and equipped themselves faster and better than ever in terms of ICT (Information & Communication Technology), problem solving ability, resilience and more.

The teachers continue to understand just as the Japanese saying goes “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher,” we have a role to play in the lives of our dearest students and however short the pandemic may permits, we long to be part of it again.

It is in the dark that the Candle Shines the Brightest.



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