Amputated finger brought at Tamei PHC from Katang

Medical Team couldn’t fixed amputated finger brought at Tamei PHC due to delayed consultation

Tamei, 17th May 2021: A male patient brought by relatives with amputated 2nd digit (index finger) of left hand to Tamei hospital from Katang village, Tousem Division under Tamenglong District day before yesterday. History of profuse bleeding before reaching PHC Tamei, long tendon measuring around 10cms attached to the amputated index finger couldn’t be fixed due to delayed consultation.

According to Dr. Adani Ariicho, Tamei medical team managed the case successfully. Excision of remaining fractured index finger bone was done and multiple purse string sutures under aseptic conditions given. Thank God that the patient and the relatives were tested Covid-19 negative before consultation and the patient got discharged yesterday with all vitals stable in the morning.

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