Tectonic shift in the nation : PM to teacher

(ANK): The Prime Minister said, Teacher’s Day will be celebrated in a few days from now on the 5th of September. He expressed happiness that not only have teachers accepted the challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic, but have also turned it into an opportunity. The Prime Minister highlighted that National Education Policy is bringing about a tectonic shift in the nation and teachers will play a significant role in disseminating its benefits to the students.

In his 68th episode of Maan Ki Baat programme on All India Radio, Modi said India will celebrate its 75th year of independence in 2022. Modi said that it is imperative that today’s generation remains familiar with the heroes of India’s freedom struggle. He asked students to research about the freedom struggle in their own districts and areas. The Prime Minister said, this period is full of festivals, fairs and religious ceremonies. He said it is heartening to see people celebrating festivals and also observing discipline due to the COVID pandemic. Modi highlighted that Indian festivals are deeply connected with the environment.

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