Scheduled for registration for COVID-19 vaccination drive at Peren Town

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Peren, K. Mhathung Tsanglao, has notified that the intensified Covid vaccination drive from 8th-18th June 2021 for all eligible beneficiaries of 18-44 years and 45 years and above, on-site registration and vaccination would be carried out in all the wards under Peren Town as per the scheduled listed:

9-6-2021: Team I; Ward 1- Peukwakram, ADC Colony School
Team II; Ward 2- Keletazai, Keletazai Ward Council Hall

10-6-2021: Team I; Ward No 3- Ndining, Dressing Room, Local Ground
Team II; Ward No 4- Duiring, Chairman’s Residence

11-6-2021: Team I; Ward No 5- Nsetning, Anganwadi Centre
Team II; Ward No 6- Mdipuiram, Chairman’s Residence

12-6-2021 Team I; Ward No 7- Beilikui, Ward Council Hall
Team II; Ward No 8- Bana, Ban GPS

14-6-2021 Team I; Ward No 9- Nkozai, Ward Council Secretary’s Residence.

People with disabilities have been requested to contact health workers in their respective area for special priority for vaccination. All the ward chairmen are to mobilise their respective Ward Task Force to extend all possible assistance for smooth conduct of the vaccination drive.

The beneficiaries should maintain COVID-19 appropriate behaviour.

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