Fresh vegetables donates for quarantine centres in Tamenglong

Tamenglong, May 23: Donation of fresh vegetables from far flung villages continued in Tamenglong in fighting against corona virus. Chaengdai Village on Saturday brought fresh vegetables and fire wood one trip of pick-up each for the quarantine centre of Tamenglong District headquarters.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong also informed that all meat sellers in Tamenglong district headquarters also decided to donate 1 package of meat to all quarantines and it will be distribute on Saturday evening.

Teuguaram Village, under Tousem Sub-Division has done great service for the quarantine centre in Tamenglong by donating fresh vegetables yesterday.
They had travelling long journey in the dilapidated road to shows their love and concerns for the people who are coming from outside state after stranded for many days due to nationwide lock down due to outbreaks of pandemic COVID-19.

Bamgaijang village also donated fresh vegetables again today the vegetables was brought all the way from their village showing the love and charity for the children who are quarantine in different locations in Tamenglong district headquarter.

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