Frequent breakdown of Irang Bridge irked Transporters and Travellers

TAMENGLONG, Oct. 03: Frequent breakdown of Irang Bridge and subsequent repair without giving any prior information to the public has irked the transporters particularly those traveling along NH-37 Imphal-Jiribam road.

HVS Construction Material Private Limited, Imphal under National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (NHIDCL) is undertaking the contract work for repairing the highway.

A passenger bus driver told Imphal Free Press that any sort of repair or construction works did not hamper the movement of traffic along the highway with the BRTF, engaged in the construction works, widely circulated any disturbances along the highway.


Moreover, BRTF usually worked at night to avoid unnecessary traffic during day time, he added. He said that on the contrary, HVS Constructions is delaying in taking up any repairing work including Irang Bridge at Irang (Taobam) village which breaks down frequently.

“Whenever Irang Bridge is damaged, many vehicles including passenger bus, taxis, Sumos, Wingers and goods carriers and empty trucks are often stranded on both sides of Irang River.

Even the passengers of young and old ages and drivers had to starve in the hot sun,” said the bus driver. Though the security force is guarding the bridge, they never come to check and help the drivers or the workers repairing the road”, he lamented.

He appealed to the authority concerned to look into the grievances of travelers and take action against the negligence of the contractors.

Meanwhile, a local man, under the condition of animosity, said that during the pandemic COVID-19, travelers have to get down for buying edibles and water by exposing themselves among the people in the village.

He pointed out that frequent damage and repairing of Irang Bridge is due to bending of runner iron bars.

When the iron bar bends, the wooden planks start to break into pieces and eventually, the contractor has to be called to come from Imphal, he added.

After struggling for many hours at Irang village, the road was opened again around 2 pm on Saturday.

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