Chega Gadi celebrated at Tening

Tening, 30th Oct.: Tening Village Namsan (New Tening Village) under Peren District Celebrated Chega Gadi which is the most important festival of the Liangmai Naga on 30th October 2020. The festival falls in the month of Chagahiu i.e, October 30th & 31st every year. Earlier the forefathers observed this festival for 4 to 5 days however the duration was reduced to 2 to 3.

 The President of Village Development Board (VDB) Peren Unit Kinkariulung graced the Festival as the guest of honour. The festival marks the people’s belief that on this day the Almighty showers his blessing and brings good harvest, good health, riches and good luck. The celebration is marked by feasting and merrymaking till the end of the festival.

The festival highlights included Long jump, Wrestling, cock fight and other traditional games.

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