An appeal by Peren District Medicos

Dear fellow citizen of Peren District,
By the Grace of God coupled with the decreasing numbers of returnees from others states in Peren District, the rate of COVID-19 positive persons are decreasing and the chances of community spread from the returnees have come to a minimum level. Hopefully, the situation will be under control if we all cooperate and work together to achieve our end.

However, there is increasing chances of spreading the COVID 19 disease among people through inter-district travellers because of unrestricted movements. On observing the alarmingly rising numbers of community spreads in the neighbouring districts, Peren is becoming the most vulnerable dist. if we remain inactive. It is also foreseeable that once community spread started in our district, there could be a full blown pandemic crisis which might lead to massive casualty because of our carelessness. Till now safety measures are poorly being practiced in public places and most of us are just following for the sake of government orders. Indeed almost all of us are scared and trying to practice safety measures but not strictly following the guidelines. Improper practices could lead us to a sense of false security and it might lead to uncontrolled escalation of community spread even amongst the so called followers of the standard guidelines. We are scared of contracting COVID19 but not careful enough to prevent spreading it to others by ourselves if actually infected. There is no need to fear or panic, but the only way to prevent the community spread is to strictly follow the guidelines given by a competent authority and to be prepared for the worst to meet the situation mentally and physically if it actually happened.

Out of the many SOPs circulated in the last few months, these basic advisories remains the main public tools to prevent contracting the disease and community spread: Restriction of unnecessary movements, avoiding and control mass gathering in our locality, Social distancing, wearing mask properly, frequent hand washing and sanitization, avoid spiting in public places, self isolation and reporting to appropriate authority if known to have contacted with Covid-19 positive patient or the primary contacts.

The government resources and machineries are on the verge of exhaustion, there is a limit in every person so also the government. Everything cannot be continuously provided by the government, which includes logistics and sustainable protection of our society. We all know that there are many ways we can do for our own safety and even enhance govt’s efforts where govt alone cannot reach its targets for the welfare of the people.

Therefore, on sensing the dangers knocking our doors, we humbly request each individual to initiate for adoption of more stringent measures to prevent contracting the disease and to prevent community spreading at various levels of our community without waiting for the government to pull us up which may be too late. And for that matter, appropriate civil body/ies may kindly adopt strict general guidelines to be followed in the whole Dist (besides the existing individual villages/town system and the govt. advisories) after proper consultation with the stake holders.

Being the frontline workers and also the last line workers, we express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to each and everyone from our community who have involved/involving in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic through spiritual, physical and financial supports, we are sincerely request your continuous support in days to come too.

With best regards

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