AKMWP urged State Govt for 14-day lockdown

The fear of starting COVID-19 community spread in Kohima Town, the Association of Kohima Municipal Wards Panchayat (AKMWP) made an appealed to the State government for total lockdown within the Kohima municipality for at least 14 days.

The president Neibulie Kiewhuo and general secretary Thejao Sekhose said, as the guardian of Kohima Wards Panchayat, they were concerned about the dwellers of Kohima town. Having taken the trouble to safeguard the society for more than four months during the lockdown, AKMWP felt that another 14 days of more stringent lockdown for “our safety” would do more good than harm.

Therefore, it urged the government to declare total lockdown in Kohima for 14 days positively.

Speaking to media persons at his residence AKMWP president Neibulie Kiewhuo said that the appeal was necessitated following demands by several municipal wards after positive cases were detected from among the residents.

According to Kiewhuo, out of 19 wards in Kohima, 16 wards felt the need to urge the government to impose a 14-day lockdown.

Though Central government may issue guidelines and directives, he said it was the prerogative of the state government to impose or lift lockdown, considering the situation of the state.

While stating that it was imperative to maintain confidentiality of any positive patient, he however, said it was also important let the concerned colony/ward know of such cases so that they can take prevent measures.

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