AIMS locked Education Engineering Wing on Friday

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A team of Apunba Ireipakki Maheiroi Sinpanglup (AIMS) led by its Finance Secretary Nikarson Khumancha has locked the Education Department Engineering Wing on Friday. The department was locked as a result of earlier appealled to the state government which failed to take action on those corrupted individuals of education department in connection with the drawing of new construction building of DM University and Heirok Engineering College.

In a press release, the student body said that they urged all the concern authorities to take up strict action against those who involved in the case but state government has remained silent till date. Therefore, the student body has resolved to lock the department.

The students’ body said that the matter was reported to the education minister, vigilance, education commissioner of higher education in the past but there is no signed of action. It further stated that the drawing of new construction of DM University and Heirok Engineering College was sketched by the staffs of engineering wing itself but the department claimed that the drawing was done by BCS Architecture and the staffs were trying to withdrawn a huge amount of fund.

On the other hand, the BCS Architecture Principal Benson Changumbam on July 16, 2020 clarified that the drawing was not by him and signature of the chief engineer will be fine. Yet, the concern authority doesn’t take any action who involved in the case.

The students’ body expressed that if state government and concerned authorities fail to take up an action within short period of time, the body along with the entire stakeholders will enforce strong agitations.

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