This virus, being a virus is very elusive

You may want to read this to have an understanding of the nature of the virus; Covid-19.

You may find this info. in bits and pieces, and disconnectedly, hence would be quite difficult to comprehend unless you choose to spend alot of time researching.

Just to clarify some information with regards to anything “Virus”. There is no “cure”, clinically speaking for any kind of viral infections on our body. Be it common flu, cold sore on our lips, all types of herpes, cancer, MERS, SARS, HIV AIDS etc.

Virus can hide in our skin/body in a “latent” state for years, sometimes even for lifetime without showing up symptoms at all.

We all have encountered viral infection or two during winter seasons especially, at one point of time in life. Doctor might have prescribed a medicine or two, as a dose and we must have gotten healed as well taking one.

But the same viral infection comes back, on and off if immune system is compromised and or stressed out.

Many common viral infections are seasonal in nature, unlike cancer or HIV viruses.

Medication against virus would kill the virus and reduce the viral load to a great extend, so much so that our immune system overpowers them and forces them to stay in latent state. And that’s when the doctors would say “you are healed”.

No 100 % complete cure is yet to be found for any viral infection till today as the current medications are unable to kill the trace of viruses that goes latent in our body.

This same logic may be applied even in cancer treatment, and in treatment of HIV ie. to decrease the viral load to a negligible ratio, many a times to zero viral load. But some traces will go latent and hide in our body.

It’s very likely that Covid-19 may behave in the same manner, as this too is a virus. And any virus does mutates, over a period of time, so would the Covid-19.

Covid-19 vaccination medication may at the most be effective for 6-12 months, according to some latest researches, meaning, it may be effective for a defined time period. Hence, we may end up taking vaccine for the rest of our lives, periodically and that may spell serious side effect on our body and shortened out livespan resulting in multiple body organ complexes.

The “cure” may decrease the viral load, but may leave few traces behind in our body in the form of a dormant latent virus hidden somewhere. And may resurface later given a chance.

Let’s pray that the Covid-19 virus mutates and become host friendly, and stops killing the host, afterall, biologically they are also designed to thrive and survive by not destroying their own ecosystem where “host” plays a major role.

Some have died of Covid-19 after testing negative multiple times as antigen test may not show up +ve if the viral load is negligible in the body.

A person may show negative result due to low viral load, and may end up being the super spreader infecting others at a comunity level, though certain research suspects that the chances of asymptomatic patients infecting others is pretty low.

Not to forget the case in China where a asymptomatic young lady end up infecting many others.

Also, there are conflicting expert opinions on asymptomatic patients. Some experts opined that a healthy person’s body would react to infection and that’s where symptoms shows up. Whereas a person with an unhealthy, weak immunitu may not fight against an infection effectively, hence may not show up tangible symptoms.

But the case of the Chinese girl says otherwise as she was a healthy young lady without any tangible symptom.

With multiple, conflicting experts opinions on the fray it may be wise for us to stay alert and take due precautions.

This virus, being a virus is very elusive.

Many researches agreed on one thing ie. drink hot water, with ginger, sip by sip as hot water with ginger “may” kill the virus if it is still st an initial stage of infection at the throat level.

The sister viruses of Covid-19 such as MERA, and SARS are winter season viruses. But, interestingly the Covid-19 virus seems to be still thriving even during hot summer. It may become more fatal when winter sets in ie. by Oct or Dec.

A very strange virus indeed.

Stay safe!

Angam Newmai
Src: LT

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