Secret of good health- Games and Yoga

Worth emulating.

  • Have badminton games today, followed by yoga asanas in the open air greenery .
  • To be nothing is more refreshing and rejuvenating than fresh morning exercises for good health.
  • Very sad to see our young and successful people making beeline at top cities hospitals in Delhi with very common avoidable diseases like diabetes, pressure, heart diseases, obesity and full of life threatening stress …. mostly due to lack of exercises and physical activities.
  • Some physical exercises and games can ward off these diseases.
  • To me truly worth following…. as i am fanatically doing it .

All works no play make successful folks sick.

Robin Hibu IPS

This article was share in WhatsApps group and reposted here on 25 Oct. 2020 and 16th Oct. 2020

Joy of sharing

Today evening visited the disabled Orphanage to boost their low feeling in this covid pandemic time.

  • Took out time in late evening to Kodi Orphanage Ashram, Seemapuri, East Delhi to share not only words of encouragement to orphan children but with warm halwa and puri with biscuits with Helping Hands volunteer Saroj Kapoor…

-Just sharing you how lonely people specially disabled orphan children are in this stranded covid pandemic time ….

  • Orphan children were thrilled to see me as police uncle in uniform ….. not only communicating with them in hindi but also sharing warm sweet halwai, warm puri with desi ghee vegetables, and marie children biscuits…..
  • Next program is visit old age home and indicative school , of course with all protocol of prevention for covid 19.

….. ” whatsoever you do to the least of my people , that you unto me ” ……

Holy Scripture
Robin Hibu IPS

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