Spring shed management for the state of Nagaland

Online workshop spring shed management for the state of Nagaland

Kohima, May 25, 2021 (ANK): People’s Science Institute, PSI and Department of Land Resources Nagaland today hosted an online experience sharing stakeholders’ consultation workshop on Springshed Management for Nagaland.

PSI, Anita Sharma said that the main objective of the online workshop was to emphasize the experiences and challenges faced by various departments and agencies working on the watershed management in Nagaland.

Awi Tsuhah, NIEDA said that the rejuvenation and sustainability of spring management is extremely critical as it supports the eco system, landscape and the ecological function providing not just water but livelihood security to the people and also conserve biodiversity.

Also highlighting on the achievements, she said that the spring treatment intervention program has been implemented in 104 villages and 303 springs inventorized in 100 villages across the State till date.

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