Celebrating 75 glorious years of Peren Township

Peren town organized the 75th-anniversary Township on 16th November 2022 at Peren Town with Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio as the Chief Guest and former Chief Minister & UDA Chairman TR Zeliang as Chief Host.

The chief host TR Zeliang said that the Peren Town was established on 1st April 1947 and has since grown gradually with the change of time. He challenged the gathering to recall and give their gratitude to the pioneers of the town who had the vision to establish a town for the welfare of the Zeliang community. And not forgetting the Peren Villagers who generously donated their land for the town.

Zeliang said that the establishment of Peren town has a very divine and beautiful story to it. When an administrative centre for the people of the area was necessitated during C.R. Pawsey’s tenure as the last Deputy Commissioner of Naga Hills, the following places were proposed viz. Peren, Poilwa, Benreu, Tesen and Tening. After days of consultation, in the presence of all 25 ancestral Village representatives, a consensus was arrived upon to establish a town at the present location.

He said the Mithun and the human figurines seen there today are a recreation of the event that took place on 1st April 1947 when the inauguration and declaration function was held by the sacred act of slaughtering a Mithun and partaking its meat by all the representatives of the 25 villages. It is the customary practice of the Zeliangrong people to invoke God’s blessings for the newly established village or town to slaughter the best Mithun or a pig for those who cannot afford Mithun, and the same was done during the establishment of Peren Town.

He said only 5 human figurines are standing today but they aim to put up a total of 25 Human figurines, to signify the 25 ancestral villages, which will be unique and one of a kind in Nagaland.

Though the town is not as big as other towns in the State, it is home to many other tribes who have settled here and accepted Peren as their own and lives in cordial relationship with the locals. The town population at present is a little over 10,000 who live in perfect harmony with each other. Peren can be described as one of the most peaceful towns in the State.

This town has historical importance in the State in general and District in particular. During the British era, the British Path comprised 10 IB Rest Houses from Kohima to Lekie in Assam and this path passed through this town. To keep this British track/path alive, the Kohima-Peren-Lekie road was constructed under NEC during the 1980s. At present we need improvement of this path from the Peren to Tening portion.

Famous places and tourist destinations in the world are not the vast tracts of endless plains but the ones situated on the hills which provides amazing views with a pleasing climate. And our town is one with such gifts and has the potential to be a tourist destination, Zeliang said.

No real peace if Nagas cannot act as one people

It was only through God’s grace that they were able to reach this important milestone said Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio who graced the 75th-anniversary celebration.
Celebration of a Jubilee is always a joyous occasion and it is an opportunity for introspection of the past, and also for charting out new visions and horizons for the future. Quoting the proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is today”, he said whatever opportunity they might have missed, people should start trying to do them.

Rio said the need of Naga society today is forgiveness and reconciliation at various levels. This is also the prerequisite for a peaceful resolution of the long-protracted Naga political issue. He stated that if people cannot forgive each other and rise above narrow tribalism, and if people cannot unite and act as one people, there would not be real peace in Nagaland. And that even if the Government of India and the NPGs sign a final peace accord or settlement, there will not be real peace if Nagas cannot act as one people.

He said Peren district has good prospects to become a prosperous and self-reliant district since it is near State Capital and the commercial capital, Dimapur. On road connectivity of the Peren district, he said it would be greatly improved shortly-The new National Highway 129-A passing through Peren will provide alternative connectivity between Nagaland and Manipur. Once, the Kohima-Lekie Road is completed, it will provide a good corridor to Assam also.

Rio further said that Peren has good lands for cultivation. It can become self-sufficient, and even export its products to other districts and neighboring states. It has scenic beauty and a good climate, with a good potential for ecotourism and cultural tourism and above all, the people are industrious and hard-working.

He wished all people of Peren town a meaningful and fruitful celebration.

The Jubilee Committee headed by the ADC has brought about a noble concept to make Peren Town an Orchid Town and this is the right decision at the right time, he added. He congratulated the Women folk of the town who have contributed to bringing so many orchids to beautify the town on this jubilant occasion and lauded their zeal and enthusiasm to grow orchids.

On the auspicious occasion, Zeliang urged each and everyone to continue to dedicatedly work towards making the town an exemplary one in cleanliness and peace. Let the town receive manifold blessings and grow from strength to strength each day, he added.

Deputy Commissioner Peren & Convenor of the 75th Anniversary Organizing Committee, Vineet Kumar, IAS delivered the welcome address while a keynote address was also delivered by ADC & Administrator, Peren Town Council, Keyirangding Hegui, NCS.

The Chief Minister was accompanied by a host of ministers and MLAs.

Earlier, the Dedication of ‘Kemdeu Bamh’ was also held wherein former State Chaplain Rev. Kuzierang Thou pronounced a dedicatory prayer.

Other highlights of the program include the inauguration of ‘Naga King Chilli Fest’ by chief guest & CM, Neiphiu Rio which was followed by the 75th-anniversary feast.

In the evening session, an entertainment programme was held with a fashion parade & Dreams unlimited presentations.

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