Mumbai Unit

LCTC niu initiative lukhaijiu Liangmai Mumbai ga kabamai chamai 110 San kabambo ruang gasu chariu diang jiu bambo chamai 60 tu First phase ga katiu kasak kasia nkha khaira arrangement loi jiu bamide.

Friday date 10 April masuang ga beneficiary mai mathiu khuga katiu kasak delivery thiu kam khai miraye.

Chamai Individual ga chak sai 60 bame. Household ga chak sai 24 bame.
Pikhai rabo siniu 4 kg rice for each individual, 1kg dal, 1 litre refined oil khatdi salt 1 kg for each household haisi first phase ga pikhai sune.

Lockdown extend thiu lan rabo jai ga bambo jeng niu situation phui lujiu second phase thiu jiu di phui khai lanra tiu jiu karam bame. Mathiu kakheng thiu khai bo rona makjiu nkha khai Karen jiu thonkiu ye.

10-April, Mumbai Liangmai sighed with Great relief:

Our living down-to-earth Hero and a brother of our own Sir Sangsungbou with a keen responsibility and sacrificial love extends assistance to our Liangmai Brothers and sisters who are stranded in many cities owing to the pandemic.

Seeing Mumbai being the most affected, he coordinated with some of his friends and sent rescue team to help out our brothers and sisters here. Among his many friends Maj Bankim posted at Kalina helped out 9 liangmais living in his area. As per their urgent requirement he donated Rs 9000 and directly credited to their bank a/c. What a great relief. Many are still on their way to help out our Liangmai Brothers and sisters living across Mumbai City.

Once again thank you Sir Sangsungbou and his team.
God bless you all.

Aphiu Pamai
Nodal officer Mumbai

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