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Is your father alive?
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“I don't know much about my father & I never saw him when he is alive. A person who doesn't have and never see their photograph”.

In other words, I have never met my father and have very little information on him. I Never Knew My Father...


Here I am not trying to find or locate my lost father or trying to help someone who is looking for their lost father! But, I want to know the figure of people who visited this website, read the content are the kind of person who I am. Who never knew their father nor seen their photograph!

My name is Machangbibou of Chawang (Ngenpuinamai) clan. I never realized and give much care to my father who really he was until I joint my Engineering College in Bangalore. I did not pay much attention to who is the head of the family because my mother is illiterate and a cultivator, all my 7 elder siblings ie 3 brothers, and 4 sisters concern hardly matter on my career decision because I go with my own choice without any objection from them.

In the year 1999, I was selected again for Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) at Bangalore, Karnataka through Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted by Higher & Technical Education Department, Government of Nagaland. I was rejected from my previous year selection ie 1998 due to lack of financial sponsorship for my further study.


I met Tepul Kulnu (Teps) of Angami tribe who became my best friend and I learned many things about life, family and most of all the importance of Father in the family. Teps father is a God fearing & kind hearted person who is a voluntary retired of Nagaland State police and running a good business in the heart of Kohima Town. Teps family took care of everything from my starting journey to Bangalore from college admission till today.

Psychologically it enforces me to know more about my father when I have a close relationship with my friend Teps family where the father is the head of the family and a very supportive mother.

On 13th June, 2003 I’ve registered my domain name taken out from my father name Nambonbou which I knew that I’ll never find him again physically on earth nor will I see his photograph anywhere. As you read this story, you already knew how foolish I am and I do not have any of his mental photograph or image except one or two occasions being together with him when he was alive on my mental imagination. It might be because he spent more time outside in hospital for his treatment due to a stomach ulcer?


Till today, it is not clear why he was undergone operation and died after 3 months of operation on 25th September, 1981. My family suspected to be ulcer from the explanation my mother share with us since none of my elder siblings were clear. If he were alive and passed on the street, I would not recognize him. I have never seen him or his photograph. 


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