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Namraining (Tamei)

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Namraining 2010 Namraining 2010

I never realized that I grew up from this beautiful place where people don’t know it exist. The reason being I never see or think this place a beautiful one although it is surrounded with all natural beauty. It was one fine afternoon when I came down from Gaililong (Khomlong/ Highland) to my home, Town area. I took this picture of rainbow and left home without having much to think of it as this often see in the area. Until May 2017 when I was searching nature scenery online to add in one of my document, I did recognized this wonderful nature scenic view that I took sometime last year.

About Namraining (Tamei)
Tamei is located in the two village’s boundary. The name Tamei itself is taken out from these two village which was donated land for the Government of Manipur to constitute a Liangmai Town. The name “TA” from TAmah (Piulekluang) villages and “MEI” from LangMEI (Chiang). It is located on the top of a hill with an altitude of about 1330m above sea level. It is surrounded by two rivers namely Agaki and Ahangki river. This hill town has rich natural organic vegetable throughout the year.


The population of Tamei is predominantly a Naga tribe of Liangmai & Zeme. As per Census 2011, Tamei's population is 28056. Out of this, 14927 are males while the females count 13129 here. This block has 3367 kids in the age group of 0-6 years. Among them 1820 are boys and 1547 are girls.

A small Christian’s town except traveler's and workers from different part of the country came as tourist; job postings, military etc were non-Christian. Nothing concrete has been done yet but much effort is on for the improvement of the socio-economic condition of the people living here by Government as well as different civil organization. This town has 7 Churches of Baptist being the highest denomination with Catholic and Independent (non-denomination) few numbers with one Church each.

As the entire hilly region has fine weather, the weather condition at Tamei is just fine with temperature ranges from 20-30ºC during the summers and not less than 5ºC during the winter seasons. It is probably because of the high altitude and heavy rainfall, there are mild summers and cold winters. Rainfall is generally heavy in the Tamenglong District which is recorded most rainiest place in Manipur, and the second rainiest place in the North-Eastern state of India with 3,264.10 mm recorded.

Tourism & Scenic Beauty
Buning: Buning is the breath taking meadows for sightseeing which is situated under Tamei Sub-Division ,15 kms away from Tamenglong H.Q.

Barak Waterfall: Barak Waterfall is splendid for rafting and unique spot for tourist. This is the place where Asha (a Hero of Rongmei) who hammered and place of occasional visiting place.

Kisha Khou: Kisha Khou is the magnificent cliff of mount for the trekking and the then bideant of Haipei Rani Gaidinliu during 1935-1940.Kisha Khou (Rani Gaidingliu Cave)


Zeilad Lake: This is another mystical and legendary lake of natural water where Haipou Jadonang obtained might & spiritual power to fight against the British then and this is the best spot for boating in modern days.

Tharon Cave: This is the mystical cave and the abode of fruit bats for adventure where different types of Hall like Lous hall, Dancing Hall, Meeting Hall and others are there. About 12 caves are located under neath.

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