Imphal, June 16 2020: Kalek lung kasa maileng government niu nkhabo paman mala bijiu pibo Public Distribution System (PDS) gasu doubo chaban aliu Tamei AC leng thiuja 1,122 quintal danai FCI godown Sangaiprou gasu June hiuleng thiuja phunglu mine. Haibo chaban hai Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY) hang gasu ye.

Makidi IT News gasu: PDS items allocated for the month of June, 2020 continues to be lifted from several FCI Godowns located at various parts of the State.

In Imphal West District, a total of 1,241 quintal of rice under National Food Security Act (NFSA), consisting of 498 quintal for Patsoi Assembly Constituency (AC) and 743 quintal for Sekmai-Saitu AC, was lifted yesterday.

Tamei AC of Tamenglong District reported lifting of 1,122 quintal of rice under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY) from FCI godown, Sangaiprou yesterday.

The AC also lifted 113.77 quintal of Masoor dal, allocated for the month of May, from Koirengei FCS godown.

In Senapati District too, there was lifting of 2,298.55 quintal of PMGKAY rice for its Karong AC yesterday.

In Imphal East District, Thongju AC and Keirao AC, today, had completely lifted its allocated quantity of 89.51 quintal and 65.44 quintal respectively for May, 2020 .

Lamlai AC of the District lifted 1,832.20 quintal of PMGKAY rice on June 13, 2020 .

On June 13, 2020, Oinam AC of Bishnupur District also completely lifted its allocated quantity of 1,536.10 quintal of PMGKAY rice from FCI godown, Sangaiprou.

The PDS items allocated under PMGKAY, NFSA and Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS) are lifted for distribution to the beneficiaries of the State to ensure uninterrupted supply of food grain , during the ongoing lockdown.

Thoubal, June 16 2020: One inmate of Lilong ITI community quarantine centre has been tested positive for COVID-19 after he was discharged yesterday from the quarantine centre on completion of the quarantine period.

While the COVID-19 positive man has been taken to RIMS COVID Care Centre, five individuals who had close contact with the man have been quarantined at 5 Star English High School, Lilong.

Meanwhile Thoubal district administration has initiated due measures to open a COVID Care Centre inside the Thoubal District Hospital complex.

The COVID Care Centre would have 100 beds and it would not affect the normal functioning of Thoubal District Hospital, said Thoubal DC N Bandana.

Out of 25 people tested positive for COVID-19 in Thoubal district, 14 have recovered and they have been discharged from hospitals, according to a report furnished by the district administration.

Currently, around 778 residents of Thoubal district are being kept in institutional and community quarantine centres.

Source: The Sangai Express

Charapot Covid-19 pabam machang nkiu khang bibi jiu bam mine ramkeng lam kalung mai chaki wang hou gasu tiudi district headquarter kakeng kha facility dou mawi makjiu state ga kakung bodi bam mine. Thainai Senapati district lam kalung mainiu Manipur CM leng ariak khat rou khai mine katum bolung ga paliu district gadi Covid-19 marabo, mara makbo phuira test kam suibo taliu khai maji mira jengniu. Paliu district ga tuhoi chamai 1,690 ramkeng lamsu wang jiu bam mine khatdi kakeng khaniu swap test hai luk rajeng niu khon bam tiujiu Manipur CM tu letter rou khai mine. Sibo letter hai pahang ga khai bamme.

The Chief Minister of Manipur

Subject: Requisition to speed up Covid19 Swap Test in Senapati IQC


1. With due respect and high expectation on your government, I write this letter to you for your kind attention and consideration. Personally, I consider you as one of the most courageous CM, the first people CM of Manipur and a man who walks the talk.

One of the most admirable things by the common people about you as a leader is that you are easily accessible in social media and ready to interact with the common people.

Today, only a few public leaders have the courage to face the common people in social media. We need more leaders like you who are approachable and able to interact with the common people.

2. The present global pandemic may force to take away many more people's jobs across the globe. Globally, about 195 millions of people have already lost their jobs till the first week of April 2020.

In India, about 122 million people have already lost their jobs till in the month of May. Therefore, timely evacuation of stranded people of Manipur by your government is sincerely appreciated.

3. Currently, there are 1690 returnees in 22 Senapati Transit QC at present. In one of the Senapati Transit QCs at Don Bosco College, Maram, the returnees from Chennai have been in this QC in last 17 days; they have reached Maram on 24th May 2020.

In this QC, 2 (two) of the returnees from Chennai were tested covid19 positive, and their swap retest have been completed. However, they are still waiting for their results.

It may be necessary to give a special attention to this particular QC and speed up the swap test to avoid spreading of virus within the inmates.

4. There are 1690 returnees at present in Senapati District Transit QC, and most of them are waiting for their turn to take swap test.

It is also very important to speed up taking swap test in all the QCs in Senapati since most of them are sharing common room, hall, toilets, bathroom etc. The returnees are worried that there could be high chances of infection with each other.

Therefore, you may kindly consider this requisition and give a special attention to speed up all the swap tests in Senapati district transit QC.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,
Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou
Senapati, Manipur
9th June 2020


Thursday, 11 June 2020 05:08

Manipur ga tasiki (school) lepad lan rabo

 Tuhoi tangbo ramkeng lam lungmai wang soumak jiu bamkhaye khatdi Covid-19 hai maraa sanbo haidi nkiu sanjiu bam mine. India ga thiujiu chamai lakh nia sang riak-tachat (280) pasan mara wang mide khatdi Manipur ga thiujiu chamai kai nia atai chania (247) dou mara wang mide.

Economic khatdi naimachang katiu kasak lengdi kung kabam jengniu pakhak-khat thiujiu (phase-wise) lockdown haidi lepad raleng agun jiu bammine. Sikum jiu tasiki dung university, college maksai school haisidi July lamsai lepad radi din bamme. Mai kadi kakilam (state katam) lamra online teaching-learning hai katam tambo phung padjiu tadkiu raleng khatdi kasia ra tadkiu jiu bam mine.

Aliu Manipur gadi haikumbo online gasu tadkiu kasuibodi bamme tiudi kakungbo kasia di bamme. Ariak namai class kariu (10) nrilam ra online gasu kasuibo jaiga taliu lujiu tad makdou lak minejiu state government matan jiu taliu bammine. Padlanbo july hiu misai online gamakjiu school dung suisai lepad jiu class tadkiu houne jiu government kaphek jiu bam me tiudi pajai, pathak detiu tad kiubo ga charapot hai khat-khat khu lenmak, wang mak raloh tiubo decision wadi ha khaye.

June 9, 2020 Tamei/Tamenglong: Thainai Tamei LCTC gasu Tamenglong quarantine centre khatdi medical department CMO tu adou jiu chapot dung kasia inkha khai ye. Haiga jou maidung sai Mn. SIronbou, Dinrai, Dinda khatdi Wibonbou. Paliuniu Tamenglong kiulu jiu chapot kasia pikhai mibosai:

  1. CMO tu 5 PPE pikhaiye
  2. Tamenglong LCTC leng over 500 mask and hand sanitizers pikhaimineh

 Khatdi Miss Withoiluliu Asst Teacher ADC Tamenglong niu LCTC leng mask set khat nkha khai bijiu, LCTC malin thonkiu bo madu khai ye. Tingwang niu pagu ministry Riga thoi khai bo thiu lo.

withoiluliu mask

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