The words Half Orphan here refer to a person who had lost at least ONE parent, but not necessarily death. Your mother or your father is not traceable; you did not know who your other parent is? You’ve seen once, you know him/her but not taking any responsibilities or taking care of anymore. In other words, you lost contact of your half parent in your life.

We cannot be called someone fatherless or motherless as a matter of fact that we cannot come into existence without them. But we often see many children home running for a motherless or fatherless. Do you think that they came into this world without having mother or father? You know the answer so let’s try to figure it out how we human sometimes live so carelessly that leaving us to become a fatherless or motherless child as we continue reading the story of our members.

Most of us have single parents because the time has come for one of them to leave us alone. They’ve reached their old age and must retire from this world. But many of us might have different story and how they’ve face this World.

In this category, we are not asking you to share us your sad or happy story but to share your victory, your success and help someone who is in need by encouraging, motivating and even physical & monetarily provided you got feasible authenticity.



On our day to day life we see that women are far more likely to be widowed and stay single than remarry when it compare to men widower and statistically this show true in many survey done by different organization around the globe.

According to Wikipedia source, becoming a widow is often a very detrimental and life changing time in a spouse's life, that forces them to go through changes that they may not have anticipated to make for a significant amount of time. Responses of grief and bereavement due to the loss of a spouse increases vulnerability to psychological and physical illnesses.

People who have not experience yet may not understand fully how the pain is caused by the loss of a mate and affect our day to day life. It is natural that our human mind only gradually accepts the terrible we face in reality and move to live another amputation phase of life.

What you'll find on this section

Most of us happy yet many doesn’t know how to tackle with life exploring good or bad! Life, as always is thrilling by discovering and exploring ups and down. As we travel, some are rough, some are smooth and when we look back the path.

You might not have expose yourself to the vast lands of the seven continents. Yet, life has been created so we can share our passion with one another.
  • A way to find out to help individual household livelihood
  • Poor and Needy of Orphan, Widowhood, Widower
  • Irrigation and Flood Control/ help effected farmers
  • Proper Drinking Water & Sanitation programme
  • Improving the lifestyle
  • Promoting local market

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