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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

From the age of about 21 I started to read the Bible (I am now 65).  I took my own time to read and that too was not very systematic.  I did manage to complete reading the Bible  from cover to cover  in a year on a couple of occasions.  Last year I had received an invitation to join the link for reading the Bible in 210 days starting in Feb 18 and completing it in Sept. 19 .. I joined but was not at all sure whether I would be able to keep up with the daily readings that were set.  But, I praise and thank God that I was victorious.  You will b surprized that in the few days from  20 Sept. while waiting to start the 240 days Bible Reading Prog.  I started re-reading and have completed Genesis, Exodus and almost all of Proverbs as of date, i.e. I can read at a faster pace now also. I am eagerly waiting for the programme  to start from the 20th Oct.  If only I had been more systematic, imagine how many more times over would I have been able to read the Bible by now!!!

 Brothers and Sisters it is a real joy and privilege that we have been given by God to b a part of a group of people hungering after God's Word.  As you  know the Word of God is full of wisdom 

and is very relevant in matters related to tough issues that we are facing today ...   I have personally found that God not only instructs and guides us, but also encourages us, chastises us, informs us, reminds us, convicts us, cleanses us, motivates us,  records for us the victories/failures of characters in the Bible so that we can learn from their experiences.  Above all, God speaks to us directly through the Bible and revitalises us, heals and restores us as well.   God's Word is so, so very powerful... let us not only be happy to read it by ourselves but encourage our family and friends to join in the 240 days Bible Reading programme by sharing this link with them. Thank u and God bless us as we go throug His precious Word together and share the blessings we receive in doing so.

 Aunty Cess.

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