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The best method in Personal Bible study is to start with observing what the passage says. Asking certain questions like who , to whom, what, when , where, why.. to the passage. Who said what to whom? Where and when it happened? ...... What the passage says? We may need to read again and again to find answer to these questions.

Then we need to interpret or understand its meaning. What did the original author meant in saying or writing that? What did the original listeners or readers understood at that time? The meaning of the text or passage?

Then we need to apply this truth in our life. What does it mean to me? What is God speaking to me or teaching me through this passage? This could be different for different people.

When we prayerfully study a passage, God will definitely teach us valuable lessons from each passage.

Medicines are available in tablet form. But nobody take food in tablet form. We take food till it fill our stomach...Are we spending enough time and efforts to study God's Word?

How much time, money and effort we gave for our secular studies? When it comes to studying God's Word, if we are serious about it, we will be happy to spend time and efforts to understand and apply that in our life.

Any idea about the number of note books or paper, we used in our secular studies? Was it not possible to study without writing down or without using notebooks? If writing down or using note books is important in our secular studies, is it not important in our study of God's Word? Many of us are only reading. Let us start using pen and paper seriously in studying God's Word.

Let us be serious in our Bible Study. When God speak to us through His Word, we should be happy to share that with others. Let us do it to glorify Him.

We all started with alphabets and numbers in our study and reached where we are today. Likewise in sharing insights or writing messages, we need to start somewhere. Everyone in this Bible reading programme can do it, with little efforts. Many who started with one or two sentences are now writing wonderful insights or messages. All the world famous authors started writing small sentences. Nobody was born as an author or preacher..Hard work and determination lead them to reach destinations which they never thought.

Let us be serious in the study of God's Word and in sharing divine truths to others. Let us do it prayerfully for His glory.


   Testimonies of people always speak to people. It encourages, motivates , challenges..

   I shall forward some of the testimonies which people wrote about our Bible reading programme . You might have read it earlier. Posting mainly for the sake of new people. 

  You may post selected testimonies regularly in our groups till 19th October. Others can also share their experiences. It is a programme started by the Lord and so let us glorify Him. Let us avoid mentioning the people behind it.

 These testimonies will challenge our people to take the Bible study seriously. If guided, our members can forward that to others. That will encourage more people to join the programme. 


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