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Bible in 240 Days 09-10-2019

🚪 Behind the Scenes 🚪

🙏 Welcome to the preface setting of reading the Bible in 240 days. It is almost going to be a month since Reading the Bible in 210 days concluded. Some achieved their goal whereas others lagged missing few days. Another spiritual journey is at the threshold.

📞 Few called personally enquiring when the next reading program starts. They were curious about the time gap between 210 days and 240 days reading programs. So today we are going to have a glance at what is happening behind the scenes.

First and foremost, we must keep in mind that it is God who has started this reading program as the Bible is His Spoken Word in Written Form. He chose a vessel to commence this ministry.

🛐 God's chosen vessel, with much prayers formatted the necessary steps to organize this ministry which is expanding day by day in a large scale. With the consent of available people, he has selected them to be Group Coordinators.

The Group Coordinators are provided rules and regulations. Each Group Coordinator can form groups and add members after their consent.

Each group has a Main Administrator and Fellow Administrators are added after getting their consent. No one is compelled to join this ministry. It is the Holy Spirit who stirs the heart and spirit of people to be involved in this mission.

People from all over the world are joining. There are groups for various languages. The Admins post the self-joining link in their groups and to interested family members and friends.

If mobile numbers are given, the admins add the members to the group. This is a WhatsApp group that requires definite planning and meticulous execution. As hundreds of groups are formed with thousands of people being added day by day it takes lot of time.

Immense activity is going behind the scenes that are invisible to others. Kindly request one and all to pray for all who are involved in this ministry. Pray for more group coordinators to come forward for this ministry. Pray for the members who are going to experience a fresh revelation of God as they read His word.

God bless us to be channels of blessing.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar
Everyday Bible Devotion

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