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☕Resurrection Glory in Crisis.... Numbers 17:1-12

Inspite of God's Stamp of Approval to the Unquestionable Leadership Role of Aaron and Moses the Israelites continued to rebel against their authority and leadership. In Numbers 17:1-12, the Israelites were disappointed with the Leadership and Priesthood of Aaron.

God wanted to put an end to the constant murmurings of the Israelites regarding the Leadership of Aaron and Moses. God wanted to permanently seal the question of the Moses's Leadership and the High Priesthood and the Preeminence of Aaron.

God asked the staff of the leaders of the 12 tribes to be placed in front of the Ark overnight, and the staff that brought forth fruit that belonged to leader, would be the undisputed leader.

Aaron does not exalt himself, he was not above the rest. There was to be a rod for each of the tribes, and nothing to make his better than the rest, to show that, his power, his holiness, his honour, they do not come from anything inherent in himself. So, in Aaron himself was no more power or goodness than in the rest of Israel.

Aaron's stick that was dead, cut off from it's parent tree had come alive in the Presence of the Lord, with buds, flowers and the ripe fruit of the Almonds. Almond nuts are delicious and nutritious nuts which are energy food, when eaten in the Natural Way, especially after soaking in water overnight._

The Supernatural Energy from the Power of God's Presence Turned a Dead Stick, which was placed overnight in front of the Ark, to sprout, bud, bloom and put forth fruits, by short circuiting and accelerating the Natural Laws.

The Almond Tree is the first one to flower in the spring season and because of this The Hebrew meaning of Almond means "waking tree or waking fruit" The first tree to wake up in the season! The speed in which the tree goes from bud to fruit is the speed in which God watches over His Word to Perform to fulfill His Purposes with certainty, Jeremiah 1:11-12.

Dear Child of God, Whatever situation we are facing which looks dead, can be Resurrected by the Power of God's Presence and His Anointing when, we without murmuring leave it in the Hands of the Resurrected Lord, who became a our High Priest. Release the Resurrection Glory over your dead situation by faith and believe and you will see the Glory of God, to flourish you....John 11:40...Amen?

[email protected]'s Thirstydeer 


End of the Journey

Amram and Jochebed ( Num 26:59) were the most blessed couple in Israel's Deliverance History. Though nothing is recorded much about them in the Bible, yet people know much about their children: 
~ One son became the High Priest of Israe
~ Other son became the Liberator of Israel
~ Daughter became the first Prophetess of Israel
The unsung queries Who are their parents or whose children are they must have echoed throughout their journey.

Numbers Chapter 20
This passage gives us the information about the Death of Miriam and Aaron-- the two prominent figures of Israel's Promised Land Journey

✅Born under the slavery in Egypt, helping her parents and looking after her brother was the least she could afford. But when her second brother was born, the situation was different because of Pharaoh's decree ✒ Exodus 1:22 
✅ Miriam, whose name was not yet disclosed, could not let her little brother go ( in papyrus basket ) in river Nile, followed and waited patiently to see what happens next. As a result of her courage Miriam could convinced Pharaoh's daughter to arrange a Hebrew woman ( her own mother ) to nourish her younger brother. 
✅ Her name was first mentioned in Exodus 15:20 with a title - Prophetess, and she was leading a group of women in praising the Lord( 15:19-21)
✅ Years later, she along with Aaron had begun to criticize Moses because of his Chushite wife, but the Lord was angry and Miriam was struck by leprosy ✒ Num 12:1-15. 
✅ When the Israelites reached the desert of Zin, Miriam died at Kadesh and was buried there ✒ Num 20:1 
 Perhaps because of her rebellion against Moses, she was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.

✅ God chose him to be Moses spokesman during Israel's Deliverance in Egypt. 
✅ He is known for his sins and failure in leadership @ golden calf ✒ Exodus 32:1-24 
✅ He opposed Moses ✒ Exodus 12:1-15 

Yet the Lord was merciful by letting Moses to ordain Aaron as High Priest and his sons under him ✒ Lev 8

 Aaron's journey ended ✒ Num 20:22-29 
> God told Moses and Aaron that Aaron will die.. 
> Aaron was disqualified to enter into the Promised Land ❌
Transfer High Priesthood to his son


》 Aaron's death was fixed.
》 On a hill ( Mount Hor) far away.. they ( Moses, Aaron and his son Eleazar) went up not for hiking or sightseeing but to witness Aaron's death. 
》 The whole community of Israelites saw them going up the mountain, and eagerly waiting for their return. 
》 Moses removed Aaron's garments and put them on Eleazar.
》 Aaron died there.

Moses was left alone -- his sister and brother had died yet he was not disheartened because he was Standing firm on the Promises of God.

Beloved, people still remember Aaron and Miriam even though their journey ended halfway from the Promised Land.

When our journey would come to an end, what history we will leave behind.. How would people remembers us ?

Nearing life journey's end, 
Be my Guide, be my Friend, 
Give me overcome; 
I'll not go all alone, 
For by grace I'm thine own 
Take my hand, precious Lord 
Lead me home..

Glory to God 
 Mark Boje, ArP

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