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The prescription from the Great Physician

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LEVI ICUS 12-15 
The previous chapter dealt with uncleanness caused by actions ie consuming and touching the unclean animals. Today's passages focus on physical conditions of the people that caused uncleanness. These prescriptions (laws) do have medical and hygienic benefits.

Childbirth & Purification(12:1-8) 
Childbirth caused a woman to become ceremonially unclean for a period of 40 Days ( a week + 33) for a son and 80 Days (2 weeks + 66) for a daughter (v 1-5). I do not know why there was the difference in the period of seclusion. 
✅ Treatment : The mother was required to give a burnt offering and a small sin offering for purification. With this she is purified, ceremonially clean and be able to join in worship.

Various Skin Diseases ( 13 : 1-46) 
Aaron might not have a medical degree of that day , but the the Great Physician gave him the instructions to identify the diseases and the treatment that are to be followed. Amongst all the skin diseases Leprosy was considered to be the most dreaded one . This unclean person are to wear torn clothes , not to tend hair , cover their lips and cry out Unclean to all who come near to them , and they are shifted and kept in isolation.
✅ Treatment : After keeping in isolation with strict observation and performing other formalities , the required sacrifices are to be made for cleansing.

Cleansing from Mildew ( 13:47-59 ; 14:33-53) 
Any mould , fungus , mildew found in home or are in contact with clothings are considered to be unclean , and they are to be removed.

Is there any mildew on our clothings❓ 
Paul writes, "... as God's chosen people , holy and dearly loved , clothes yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience " Col 3:12

Is mould , fungus or mildew defiling your house❓ 
Invoke God's presence , for He declares , "I myself will be a wall of fire around it.." Zech 2:5

Human Discharges( 15: 1-30) 
All the bodily discharges ( Emissions and Periods) are unclean in the sight of God. This law is very personal to all the Israelites with a view to lead a clean , hygienic individual life .

✅ The purpose of all these laws on uncleanness is clearly given in 15:31 ✒ You must keep the Israelites separated from things that make them unclean , so they will not die in their uncleanness for defiling my dwelling place .." 
All these rituals , cleansing , offerings and sacrifices are symbolizing Consecration , Atonement and God's blessings upon the person. In most of the cases the blood plays the vital role . ".. without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.." Heb 9:22.

✝ Christ's sacrifice was perfect , and it did not need to be repeated , and in him we have redemption through his blood , the forgiveness of sins .. Heb 9: 12; Eph 1:7.
If you are undergoing a crisis or having a health problem , come to Jesus . His blood will cleanse you from all unrighteousness and sicknesses. I declare Healing in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen ??

Glory to God
 Mark Boje, ArP

Day 22. Leviticus.11- 14.
Exodus !3:- 9 :- “When the leprous sore is on a person, then he shall be brought to the priest”.

The purpose of this chapter is to enable the detection of leprosy

When the Bible uses the term “Leprosy”, it is NOT merely referring to the disease that we call leprosy today, Hansen's disease; It includes other contagious and infectious skin diseases.

The process of detection was prolonged and careful inspection.

The priest was to look at the symptoms, then shut the diseased person up for seven days, examine him again, and shut him up for another seven days. 
At the end of that time he could determine whether it was leprosy or something less serious.

The effects of leprosy run deep, but by appearance, the leper is “skin-sick.”

Spiritually speaking, we are all lepers, we are “sin-sick.”
Hidden, unfelt, unconfessed iniquity is the true leprosy.

….. The hurtful attitudes we have, 
….. the burning hard feelings, 
…….. the feelings of anger and 
……… upset we go through, and 
………. the grudges we carry around in our hearts toward one another.

These are to be detected because they can be very dangerous.

Remember, …
We are all blind to ourselves. 
… In our own eyes we are very friendly, easy going, warm, good nature, sympathetic, inoffensive person; but others don't always seem to see us the same way.

Nothing is more deadly than self-righteousness.

We find ourselves very blind to my own failings. 
We all have these blind spots.

Are our leprous spots being judged?

Are they being dealt with openly in the light of the Word of God?

Are they being brought to the One who can heal leprosy with a touch?

…… Or are they being protected, covered over, hidden to avoid examination?

Our moods, Our temper, our emotional outbursts, our displays of anger or depression, our short-tempered actions and so on..…... 

As Jesus stretched out his hand and touched the Leprous man, in Luke 5:13, He is ready to heal us..


 Jooley Mathew

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