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Joseph reveals himself, Jacob moves to Egypt

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And he commanded the steward of his house, saying, Fill the men's sacks with food, as much as they can carry, and put every man's money in his sack's mouth.

Genesis Chapter 48 
Jacob lived 17 years in Egypt, and now he was getting old and sick (48:1,10, 21). Joseph came to meet his father with his two sons : Manasseh @ "God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father's household" and Ephraim @ "God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering". ✒ 41:51-52

The records states that the Lord was with Joseph in Egypt , and later on he had become a part of the Egyptian hierarchy. He might have felt that his two sons born in Egypt, accustomed with the Egyptian culture , education and religious influences , would no longer see themselves as Israelites. 
So to bridge the gap between the cultures and faiths, his two sons needs Jacob's blessing and God's precepts and statutes. 
✅ A Wake up call for the parents : Apart from the secular education and other co-curricular activities, our children needs to know/ reminded about the saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ✝ 
First of all Jacob reminded Joseph and his two sons about the past history and his testimony : 
~ his personal encounter with the Lord @ while running away from home (28:10-22) and on his return (35:1-15).
~ God's Covenant and His promise (v 4) 
Secondly , to ensure God's promise , Jacob had formally adopted Joseph's two sons on a par with Joseph's brothers in their inheritance ( v 5) 
Thirdly Jacob reminded them about Rachel , her death and burial place (v 7). Perhaps he wanted to ensure that her first son - Joseph would get a double portion of land in Canaan.
Lastly Jacob thanked God for allowing him to see Joseph and his two sons ( v 11)

✅ Jacob put his hands and bless Manasseh and Ephraim ( Jacob, the younger son who struggled with Esau for the birthright and blessing: who preferred the younger sister @ Rachel above the older @ Leah, now advanced Joseph's younger son ahead of the older ). 
✅ He pronounced the name of the God of his ancestors @ Abraham and Isaac by acknowledging His guidance , provision and protection ( v 15-16) and he blessed them : 
~ Will be known by his name @ Israel (v 16 b)
~ Will acknowledge the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob ( v 16b) 
~ Will increase greatly in numbers ( v 16 c)

The people of Israel would see how extremely blessed Ephraim and Manasseh were , as a result they would get in the habit of pronouncing " a Blessing over others " : May God make you as blessed and fruitful as Ephraim and Manasseh ( v 20)

✅ Finally Jacob bequeathed to Joseph an extra portion of land in Canaan - a ridge of land( v 22)

The Biblical records states that both the tribes ( Ephraim and Manasseh ) were the largest and powerful tribes in the northern kingdom :
》 Ephraim' s descendants were most powerful tribe in the northern kingdom. 
》 Ephraim is often used to represent the northern kingdom of Israel 
》 In the book of Revelation the tribe of Manasseh is mentioned when the sealing of God's servants @ 144,000 were sealed ( 7:4 -6) .

Jacob's blessing was to declare the inheritance in Canaan - the promised land but we all have a Heavenly Inheritance ( Col 3:24 ; Heb 9:15) . 
Let us press on

Glory to God
Mark Boje, ArP

Divine Guidance


Joseph being a true child of God defined God's divine guidance as sending him to Egypt to save lives in the time of great famine.

He told his brothers not to be angry with themselves for selling him to the merchants. It was GOD'S DIVINE PLAN.

Joseph recognized his brothers as soon as he saw them but they did not recognize him. He did not embrace them at once.

They had to learn the lesson that they had been cruel in selling their innocent brother. They had to do a bit of reaping for the cruelty they had sown.

Joseph treated them harshly during their two trips to Egypt. First he ordered their silver to be put back in each one's sack on top of the grain. Secondly he ordered his silver cup to be put in Benjamin's sack of grain.

Only then the brothers realised that they were being punished for their cruelty to Joseph their innocent brother.

‍♂ When Joseph saw his own brother Benjamin he could not control himself any more. He revealed himself to them that he was their brother Joseph and he wept aloud and then embraced them.

He said It is not you who sent me to Egypt , but God to save lives in this terrible famine.

He made them hurry back to bring their elderly father, all their household and all their belongings to settle down in Goshen. He provided them with food and all their needs.

7⃣0⃣ Seventy members of Jacob's family arrived in Egypt. But according to God's promise to Jacob they were made into a great nation in the years to come . They were brought back again to Canaan according to God's promise and guidance.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa

How do we react when faced with disappointments? Like Joseph or like Jacob?

Jacob had a dream when he was fleeing from Esau. He saw God standing at the gateway of heaven. And God spoke to him, assuring him that HE would bring him back to his home (Gen 28).

Jacob had another dream which he narrated in Gen 31, where he clearly saw God's favour surrounding him and making him prosper.

Jacob had a personal encounter with God in Gen 32 which changed his life. But still, when in Gen 42:38 and 43:6, we see a very petty man, who reacted in such a petty way; if anything happens to my son, I will die! Why are you treating me like this? What did I do to merit this?...

It sounds so familiar because often, when faced with a horrible situation, I too react like this. I forget God loves me, Jesus died for me, the Holy Spirit is there to guide me. I ignore my spiritual wisdom and react in a petty, earthly way. I forget that I am small but I serve a Big God who is always in control.

Look at Joseph now. Never once do we see any record of God talking to him after the initial dreams he had in Gen 37. Even after years in prison, when he thought he would be brought out, he had to wait for 2 long years. Never once do we have a record that he reacted in bitterness like Jacob did. He held on to his faith in God's love and power. Gen 45 shows us that he always knew that God was in control.

Life is tough. It's so easy to rant and rave, blaming others for our misfortunes and saying that God does not care. Instead let us pray that we learn to live and react always with grace like Joseph did. Stay blessed.

Adeline Albert 

Genesis 48: 14 “But Israel stretched out his right hand and laid it on the head of Ephraim, who was the younger, and his left hand on the head of Manasseh, crossing his hands, for Manasseh was the firstborn.”

In chapter 48, we read Jacob’s blessing.
As Jacob’s life drew to a close, he blessed his children and grandchildren.

And so Joseph came with his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, to pay his last respects and for the patriarchal blessing. 
Joseph positions them as Manasseh is at Israel’s favored right hand and Ephraim, the younger son, is at Israel’s left hand.

Israel, however, crisscrosses his hands to place his right hand on Ephraim and his left hand on Manasseh.

Joseph tries to rectify the issue. But Israel knows exactly what he’s doing.

In the Bible, 
…………… the right hand is the favored position, a place of salvation, refuge, and protection.

Even though God instituted the significance of the position the "first born" in Jewish culture, God didn't follow that tradition if it didn't suit His purpose.

God's ways are not our ways.

But sometimes God does the unexpected.

God loves to choose people whom others think are not qualified or deserving.

That’s what He’s doing in our life.

If God still upsets our plans and causes unexpected twists, don’t worry!!! 
It is for the glory of His name.

I know some things haven’t gone our way. 
What we were looking forward to, didn’t materialize.

But don’t be fearful, worried, anxious, stressed, or discouraged, because God has a much better plan.

We might not understand what’s happening, but we can be sure that this unexpected twist is not a surprise to God.

Expect the unexpected from God!!!
 Jooley MathewJM

"God's Providence at its Best"&"Transformation of Judah"
I don't get tired of reading Genesis as it full of stories with morals. God teaches u something new always.
*Judah intercedes for Benjamin (other favourite son of Jacob).
*Judah offers a substitution for Benjamin. (Extraordinary transformation by God's love.)
*We read, what Judah did: was a witness to Joseph getting almost killed and then to be sold into Egypt, his behaviour with a Tamar.....
*Judah's willingness to be offered as substitute for his brother foreshadows the substitution and atonement of God's son Jesus Christ.
Never underestimate the transforming Grace of God. 2 Cor5:17 indicates the transformation ,God has always been, & still is in transforming his people.
*The revelation of Joseph as God's Providence to preserve them is divine.
Joseph had forgiven his brothers and he sees the fulfillment of his dreams of his youth. (2 dreams) As Pro16:9 says there heart of the man plans his way but the LORD establishes his steps.
*As believers we need to forgive to accept this Providence of God.
*Confessions, kisses, weeping were signs of reconciliation between the brothers.
*A recap of the dreams of Joseph must have flooded the eyes of Jacob.
*God gave Joseph the Grace to forgive , without which there would be no reconciliation even if ,his brothers repented or not.
Today we can be reconciled because Christ forgives all who come to him in faith and repentance
Have a blessed Day!
Betty George.

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